Epic and Memorable Scenes from DCEU Movies:

Although DCEU movies have ups and downs, many fans agree that the films provided some iconic and wonderful moments that will surely linger in our minds.

Faithfully reproducing some of the characters’ characteristics, or even transporting pages from the comic books to the movies, The Man in Steel, Batman vs. Superman: The Origin of Justice, Suicidal Squad, Wonder Woman and Justice League have surely left their trademarks.


Warehouse Fight

One of DC’s most acclaimed fighting sequences, according to fans on DCEU Reddit, shows Gotham’s Bat battling several henchmen to rescue Martha Kent.

Mixing element Arkham games and scenes are taken directly from the HQ “The Dark Knight”, the scene is a treat for fans of Batman and sure enough, leaves us waiting for more of that.

Nobody’s land

The shocking scene in which Diana shows that her values ​​are more important than anything and stands as the Wonder Woman for the first time is no doubt to fill her eyes.

Armed with her shiny armor (and full of color), sword and shield, Diana opens the way for the troops and manages to rescue the inhabitants of the village of Veld. No doubt a fine example of heroism and its abilities.

Clark with the towel

The Steel Man seeks to tell the origin of Superman, mending scenes of the present with scenes of the past. And one of the most beautiful and exciting flashbacks is Clark playing with a towel and innocently wearing it like a cloak.

The scene shows the innocence of children and that the essence of superheroes lies within each of them. And when they grow up, they can become real heroes.


First flight of Superman

After Superman discovers his origin and accepts his fate, he begins to test the limits of his powers and finds that he can fly.

The scene is beautiful because although Clark has superpowers, we can see all the essence of the field boy and the simplicity when he can take flight. And it also teaches a valuable lesson to the hero, “learn to stand up.”


Flash vs. Superman

The troubled return of Superman in Justice League could not have been more iconic. The hero returns confused and the members of the League need to hold him. But the best moment of the scene is undoubtedly when Flash comes into play.

Rookie Barry Allen runs off to Clark using his powers of acceleration, but Clark is as fast as he is. This gives us the iconic moment of Superman accompanying Barry with his eyes and the sprinter stamping a horrified face to the situation.


Batman chasing Joker and Harlequin

Although not the favorite movie of the fans, the scene in which Batman chases the Joker and Harlequin with the Batmobile is excellent for referring directly to the bat comics.

We can see Joker and Harlequin fleeing the streets of Gotham while Batman disrupts their plans. We can also see all the insanity of the Joker by throwing the car into the water without even caring about the Harlequin.

Everything is crowned with Batman plunging to rescue a seemingly unconscious Harlequin that attacks it without success.


Fight against Zod

Okay, this fight is controversial, I know. However, despite the destruction caused in Metropolis and the outcome considered terrible by many, this does not invalidate the arguments that this is a beautiful fight.
Looking more like a Dragon Ball clash, this fierce battle between General Zod and Superman deserves his place on the list due to the Kryptonians’ full demonstration of abilities and their eye-popping visual makeup.

Amazons protecting Maternal Box

The frantic scene where the Amazons demonstrate all their coordination and training, without a doubt, is one of the best in the Justice League.
When Themyscira was invaded by the Steppe Wolf and its Parademones, it remained to the Amazons to prevent him from taking the Maternal Box. Although they failed, the Amazons resisted very well and would have done it if he had not been a coward and fled before the legion arrived.


The opening scene of The Steel Man shows Superman in his early days in Krypton and how the planet was breaking up politically.
Although it is a relatively short scene, it is marked by presenting a few Kryptonian animals, landscapes, and lifestyles. Hopefully, they’ll explore it more in the Krypton series.


Wonder Woman Prevents Terrorists

The scene in which Wonder Woman prevents terrorists from blowing up the Old Bailey is no doubt exceptional.
We can see all the speed of the heroine, not to mention that the moment she stops the bullets using her bracelets is very exciting, it looks like a cartoon scene of the Justice League.


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