Everything You Need to Know About Chumlee: FAQs and Info!

Austin Lee Russel, also known as Chum Lee, conquered the hearts of many Pawn Stars fans with his simple personality, his geeky way and the fact that he is simply mad over shoes.

Having said that, there are lots of doubts, myths and even hoaxes running around online about him, and not that much info, so we thought on compiling a FAQs list for him right here on Instageeked.

First of all, his demographics: He is 35 years old and was born and raised in Henderson – USA.


Are Chumlee and Big Hoss Related or are Chumlee and Big Hoss Friends?

Thanks to the fact that they are so close and both share some resemblances as well as being a bit on the chubby side, Big Hoss and Chumlee have been speculated to be kin.

However, this is a lie as they are in fact NOT related. However, they have been best friends since the early days back at school so they are indeed very close.

Hoss even laughed when he heard about Chumlee’s death – when a hoax appeared in 2008 about this star dying – yeap, it was a myth, Lee isn’t dead!


How Did Chumlee Lose Weight?

So, Lee isn’t dead, but instead has lost a lot of weight so I guess thinks are going better than expected for him… or are they?

Well, no matter the case, he did lose a lot of weight, and it was all thanks to the Paleo Diet. This diet forbits processed carbs and sugars and is mostly based around meat.

He states that losing weight was a challenge and did require a lot of discipline and exercise, but we all knew about that already didn’t we?


How Does Chumlee Look Now?

As you must have heard, unless you read it here first, Chum lost some weight. He now looks as in the picture above, which is a great change.

In fact, we even went as far as getting a before and after pic of Chum so you can see how much he has changed.

A truly amazing “Then and Now” moment!


Why Did Chumlee Get in Trouble?

Let me get this straight: “Chumlee Busted for Drugs” was the headline.

If that doesn’t suffice, let us tell you the details: Guns and drugs were found in his house. However, he apparently has an ongoing process that will allow him to avoid jail, but we’re not sure of how that goes since our site isn’t based in the US and we have no inside info.

But now you know the cause.


Why is Chumlee Called Chumlee?

This is a simple one but not many people know. Back in elementary school, his friends and everyone else starting calling Lee a variation of the Tennessee’s Tuxedo walrus sidekick “Chumley”.

The name stuck to these days, maybe because Corey was a childhood friend of him that brought the name to the limelight, but who knows.


Is Chumlee Still on Pawn Stars?

Well, Chum oppened up his own business across the street named Chumlee’s Candy on the Boulevard.

He isn’t a resident of the show anymore but may pop in… that is if it will still continue as we recently heard about the death of the “Old Man”, Rick Harrison’s father.

He died two days ago, on the 26th of June 2018.


Chumlee and Wife: Meet Tanya Hyjazi

His wife is a Major Las Vegas Casino Chef named Tanya Hyjazi.

If you ever wanted to know the woman behind Chum, there she is on the picture above.

Tanya Hyjazi is hot… definitely one of the hottest chefs I’ve ever seen, so Lee must have a great personality.

What do you think?


Chumlee’s Networth: How Rich is He?

To top it all off we have to ask how rich is Chum… only to give you an answer you probably didn’t imagine:

  • He is worth $5 Million!


Five Million Dollars – the more you know…


We hope you now know more about Lee and that you also finish on a high note due to looking at the gorgeous Tanya Hyjazi.

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