Most Expensive Vinyl Records of All Time: The Ultimate Top 10 List!

Most Expensive Vinyl Records of All Time: The Ultimate Top 10 List!

Vinyl records are all the hype for some music buffs as the quality of sound is unmatched (according to them, and we’re not arguing).
Others claim that the Vinyl record is only worth it for nostalgia, or for the classical touch.
What matters is that regardless of the reason, these records and still very sought after, and for collectors and hardcore fans they are indeed worth a lot of money.

If we’re analyzing the value of the vinyls we have to take a look at past deals and estimated values on these objects, and via their past prices determine the amount of money you’ll likely have to shed to get your hands on one of these, and that’s why we decided to launch our Top 10 Most Expensive Vinyl Records of All Time.

So, without further ado, here’s our list:


10 – I’m In Love With My Car by Queen:

A lot of guys seem to think this is number one, but it is nowhere near it. You have to take into consideration that scarcity plays a huge role on these values, and that there simply are records out there that are pretty harder to find.
Queen and I’m in Love With My Car / Bohemian Rhapsody grab the 10th place for this pricy vinyl list.

Estimated Price: $6300

9. Kind Hearted Woman Blues by Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson tackles the number nine of our list with his Kind Hearted Woman Blues record.
This record fueled a lot of passion back in the days, and that’s why there are so many nostalgic collectors still looking for the piece.

Estimated Price: $8800

8. Please Please Me by The Beatles

The Beatles, the band that was leaving heartbroken women throughout their tours is sitting at number eight.
You know any Vinyl related list isn’t completed without these guys on it.

Estimated Price: $9450

7. Would You Believe by Billy Nicholls

Billy Nicholls had a lot of style and flair, and his records still do – you can check it out on the price tag below.
If you want to grab a copy of “Would You Believe”, you have to be ready to spend more than 10k.

Estimated Price: $12500

6. God Save The Queen by Sex Pistols

Yes, God Save The Queen is your number six, the surprise here is that the Sex Pistols – a band many consider rebellious – has so many fans in high places these days.
Guess that rebellious teens become wealthy, and let’s face it, we always knew we were going to make it big. (Rebel here)

Estimated Price: $15100

5. Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) by Frank Wilson – $31,500

Do I Love You (Indeed I Do), a vinyl record by Frank Wilson, is taking the spot on the half of the list.
I wish I could just say something smart about this one, but it wasn’t my cup of tea (don’t hit me, at least I’m honest)

Estimated Price: $31500

4. Music For Supermarkets by Jean Michel Jarre

Another record that isn’t on my shelf (if it was I would probably have sold it by now) is “Music For Supermarkets” by Jean Jarre.
If you own a Supermarket there are way cheaper choices to go to for ambience.

Estimated Price: $37500

3. Love Me Do by The Beatles – $101,200

The number three is, lo and behold, The Beatles’ “Love Me Do” album.
We are all guilty of singing this song once or twice, even if we don’t like the Beatles (I do).
It just has that ring to it, and apparently now it has the Katching to it as well (Oh noes, I’m getting retarded).

Estimated Price: $101 200

2. That’ll Be The Day / In Spite Of All The Danger by The Quarrymen

That’ll Be The Day, sing The Quarrymen.
This one is in the 2nd place, but we have to say it kind of is the 1st as the official number one has some value added to it because of something other than the vinyl itself.

Estimated Price: $125 750

1. White Album by The Beatles originally owned by Ringo Starr – $910,000

The Beatles top it off, yet again, with the White Album previously owned by Ringo Star.
Remember when I said they were the number one for a reason other than the vinyl?
The record being held by one of the stars adds some value to it.
It is swapping collector’s hands now.

Estimated Price: $910 000

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