Fallout 4 VR: Is Roaming Fallout’s Wastelands with Virtual Reality Worth It?

First of all, let us say we had a sneak peak at Fallout 4 VR while it was in the early stages of development and we can confirm there were serious improvements on how it all plays out. Finally, we do have to state there are some flaws we think need brushing out before the experience will be anywhere near perfect.

This post will have equal part objective facts and subjective opinions, so bear that in mind as to each his own.


Experiencing the World of Fallout 4 VR:

There’s something unique about shooting people up on Fallout’s Wastelands, collecting caps as you go by, and that is a feeling we’ve grown accustomed to for the last two decades.

No matter how rich or poor, it’s always amazing how collecting those caps feel, and in Fallout 4 you even have Dogmeat to trigger mines and blow all that collection up, scattering it across the continent.

With such lovely things to be experienced, everyone is excited about Fallout 4 VR as it has the potential to convert even more gamers to franchise fans.


About Vaul-Tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S.)

You activate VATS with the right Vive controller and you get the same animations and sounds you’re used to, but there’s a difference in VR.

You can teleport to flank enemies or to pull off some insane tactics – yeap, it’s a gameplay feature you never saw before and one non-VR users won’t have access to.

You can get into melee range to devastate the enemy or use the teleportation maneuver to get out of dangerous situations.

This new feature is something we consider a “plus” in this version.


Companions: The Same Old Experience

With VATS we had this new maneuver, so we were expecting to see something new in what comes to companions as well, after all they’re a key part in the game and definitely worth even more attention right?

Unfortunately, it’s still the same old experience. We’re not saying that experience sucks (although there are plenty of mods that overhaul it) we’re saying it brings nothing new for those who played Fallout 4 without using VR.


Pipboy’s Inventory: Look at Your Smart Watch Son!

You manage your inventory through the Pipboy, and while this may seem too traditional, we were pleasantly surprised on how great it works on VR.

You can get a huge feel of immersion by the fact your managing everything from your steampunk smart watch in a 2D User Interface, so we consider keeping this wrist gadget important a huge plus as well.


Moving Around Using the HTC Vive

You’ll be using the Vive controller’s touchpad to move around. Now this is where the logistics of VR matter as there are some sickness issues relating to moving around in Virtual Reality worlds.

With less devices, such as the cheaper VR headsets, you can get VR sickness often, and we experienced that aplenty. However, Fallout 4 VR’s moving experience is smooth and was sickness free.

You only feel a bit out of yourself when you remove the VR goggles, but that’s something we’re sure practice will get rid of.


The Big Con to Us: Paying… Again!

So the big con we think will get a lot of people pissed of is the fact you have to buy Fallout 4 VR at full price even though you already purchased Fallout 4, the non-VR version.

This is something many people are frowning upon, and we understand them – after all, it’s the same game and you’re already paying for the new technology to play it, so why not at least offer an “Upgrade” feature to allow players who already have the vanilla game to get it cheaper than those who didn’t acquire the regular version?

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