Five Of The Best VR Game For Playstation

Five Of The Best VR Game For Playstation

If you got here is because you don’t want to make the wrong choice in the purchase of your virtual reality game. Never forget to analyze the game and see if it’s worth buying or not.

Our list will contain 5 of the best games of VR which in my view going to arouse interest.


superhot vr
  • Clean Visual Design (+)
  • Strategic slow-Mo gunplay (+)
  • Powerful narrative (+)
  • It makes you feel like John Wick in VR. (+)
  • Short campaign. (-)
  • A Visual downgrade compared to Rift and Vive (-)

Serving as a kind of expansion to an already innovative title, Superhot VR challenges players to eliminate the rooms filled hostile enemies with pistols, shotguns, knives, bottles, whatever you can grab with your hands. In the original, time stopped every time you stopped, causing the enemies to remain stalled so you’d have time to think about the next move. In VR, the downtime mechanic is integrated with the use of PlayStation Move controllers that act as your hands. The VR version remains an accelerated first-person shooter with an emphasis on strategy, but in VR, your heart will beat fast. Will you try and go for the kill with your next move like a John Wick from VR, or come up with a less straightforward approach?

Blood & Truth

blood and truth vr
  • Incredible visuals and immersion both in the use of weapons like climbing mountains. (+)
  • Excellent control system. (+)
  • Weak and silly, storyline and characters. Often lacks the most shocking atmosphere and tension of The London Heist. (-)
  • Shallow and very easy. (-)

Place the PlayStation VR device and get into the skin of Special Forces soldier Ryan Marks, in this intense sniper game with all the explosive action and all the adrenaline of a Hollywood blockbuster — inspired by The London Heist, the incredibly popular game of PlayStation VR Worlds.

Filled with epic shootings and explosive action scenes, this thrilling adventure puts you on a desperate mission to save the Marks family from a merciless crime baron. Use what you have learned in the special forces to climb buildings, enter secret facilities and spread chaos, featuring a variety of powerful firearms against countless armed bullies.

Farpoint (old but gold)

farpoint vr
  • Stunning and immersive world (+)
  • Tense 360° shooting action (+)
  • Incredibly fun with Aim Controller. (+)
  • Too linear (-)
  • Poor default movement controls (-)
  • Not enough freedom. (-)

PSVR was not the best place to go for first-person shooters at launch, Farpoint Impulse Gear made our start in games of the genre. On the way to study a mystery near Jupiter, an explosion sends you and your team to a burnt-out desert planet full of hostile aliens. Separated from your crew members, you must fight your way through waves of enemies in hopes of gathering with your friends and escaping the planet in a play.

While Farpoint makes a good challenge for first-person shooters in VR, the AIM PSVR controller, a weapon-shaped VR peripheral that you can buy along with the game, maybe worth the investment to Farpoint. With the goal, the fast, frenetic and responsive game combat makes you feel like you’re really in the problem of things in this alien world. While the story is below the expected and the environments are repetitive and somewhat bland, the action itself makes Farpoint a must-Play experience PSVR.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

until dawn rush of blood
  • Excellent shot when it works (+)
  • Genuinely terrifying, like your previous game Until Dawn (+)
  • The weapons mechanism feels good. (+)
  • Good variety of level. (+)
  • Enemies have no challenge outside the Boss (-)
  • Consistent jump scares can overwhelm and become predictable (-)
  • Sometimes shooting briefly stops working (-)

At its best, a VR game can feel like the most intense thrill ride you’ve ever been to, and even Dawn: Rush of Blood understands that. The terror shooter sends you to a terrifying rollercoaster full of monsters, and you must make quick use of your pistols, shotguns, and other weapons to survive.

The game includes several paths, so you can continue to play it while you work your way up to the rankings, and around the Halloween season, it is the perfect game to show friends who are unfamiliar with the PlayStation VR. Just don’t play too close to sleep.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

astro bot
  • Awesome platforms and never before seen (+)
  • VR brings you straight to the action (+)
  • Great use of player vision and Dual Shock gadgets (+)
  • Superb and detailed level Design (+)
  • A relatively short and linear adventure (-)
  • 3D Perspective has flaws (-)

Remember the little robots that populate the PS4 Playroom? Astro bot Rescue Mission takes these little guys on a great platform adventure across five worlds and over 50 levels. Astro bot makes for PSVR that Super Mario 64 made for Nintendo 64.

As a third-person platform game, Astro Bot stands out with its level design and a single handful of gadgets to bring it to a level we haven’t experienced before in PSVR. Astro Bot does a stellar job of making you feel like you’re in the game, despite the perceived limitations of a third-person vantage point in VR. It is a healthy and infinitely fun platformer for all ages.

What are your thoughts?