How to Fix Snapchat Won’t Open Error: iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone iOS 9/10 Problem Solved

How to Fix Snapchat Won’t Open Error: iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone iOS 9/10 Problem Solved

We received a lot of messages on our Snapchat asking how to fix the Snapchat error, an extremely common problem that makes it so that snapchat won’t open.

If you just want to see the Snapchat won’t open error fixed, you can skip the next paragraph, but if you just clicked the title because you still don’t know that that app is, then read on.

Snapchat is a social network that makes it so that you can connect with friends, but it has this annoying error most of you don’t know the origin of. Well, the error we’re talking about comes from the company’s servers, but there’s a way to fix it, and we got your back.


How to Solve the Issue

That annoying Snapchat won’t open error can be solved from your device. It happens and can be solved from Blackberry, Android and very rarely on iOS systems. iOS is the operative system where these errors happen the least.

First of all, open up the app and check to see if the error appears or not. If it does appear, close all of the opened tabs on your device.


Ok, now go to settings and select “Application Manager”. You’ll have to scroll down a bit to reach “Snapchat App”. Clear the cache by pressing “Delete Data” or “Clear Data”.

When this phase is done, you have to reboot your smart phone. The Snapchat Wont Open Error is now fixed.


How to Stop Snapchat From Crashing:

Sometimes, the app doesn’t update as you need it to, and this time it also happens on iOS devices often. To stop the application from crashing, you need to see if your Android or iOS is updated. Once you do this then simply uninstall Snapchat and reboot your device.

Go to the app market and get the app again. Install it and reboot the device once again. If you did this correctly, those pesky Snapchat crashes won’t happen again


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