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The Secrets to Risk-Free Crypto Earnings: Pre-ICO Tokens and How to Take Advantage (with BONUS)

There is a lot of money to be made from crypto, and I’d say most of it comes from jumping on a project before it is listed on exchanges or before it can be bought. Learn how to take advantage of this by reading this article.

Typically, when early crypto investors get into the tokens they do it during the ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings. This is “early” because the tokens are being sold by the developers instead of on the exchanges as they typically aren’t listed yet.

However, talk to the real experts and they’ll tell you – the money is on getting tokens for free BEFORE the ICO, so that means getting the tokens before anyone has the chance to buy them.

There are a lot of ways to do this, some projects have built-in ways to reward early believers, while some others choose to trade work for these tokens, like freelance programmers thinking about helping the project.

However, I am no programmer, what I am is someone who developed a way to take advantage of these opportunities to constantly earn free crypto and sell it during the ICO, making the risk zero – the token can fall to zero after the ICO and I already have my profits.

Why Are Pre-ICO Crypto Earnings Risk-Free: Making Money With No Investments

They are risk-free because you’ll be getting them for free, and 98% of the time the tokens reach the ICO stage, which is the stage people will be able to buy it.

Meanwhile, while “early” investors buy the tokens you already have them, and if you want to make sure you get the money you can sell it right at the start or bet the token is rising more thanks to the ICO and sell it after – your choice, but both ways you’re a winner.

How to Spot Pre-ICO Crypto: Taking Advantage of the Right Portals

The method I developed involves two things, one of them is to check crypto news sites often to learn of new projects. For each new project, I go to check their stage – if there is a way to buy that token I leave and search for another one.

Remember, we don’t want tokens that are already being traded on the market or that you can buy on the site (ICO style).

You want tokens that CANNOT be bought!

If the token can’t be bought, search around the official project’s site for ways to earn said token.

At the end of this article on my bonus section, I’m sending you one of the many projects I’m currently in so not only will you be able to see what a project like that looks like (you can’t buy it or withdraw it, you can, however, earn it and prepare for ICO stage) but you’ll also be able to start earning your free tokens FREE in order to sell in a couple of days or weeks.

The other way to spot these projects is by participating in Crypto groups in Discord, where project owners will often employ bots to notify people in these groups about their projects.


They’ll want to make you buy tokens, but again we DON’T BUY and avoid projects where you CAN BUY. We avoid them like the plague.

We want risk free earnings from free to earn crypto.

How to Avoid the Crypto Scams: Stay Risk-Free, Don’t Fall For Scams!

The Discord method is good, but it brings a lot of trash and scams to the table.

Remember that if they ask for money or if they send you on a site you can buy the tokens from – that project already passed the stage we want to get in on.

Finally, don’t join projects that don’t have a plan that clearly indicates it will start trading at some point, with a solid roadmap around it.

Other than that, it’s just a matter of being on the alert for the few projects per week that open up filling our prerequisites.

BONUS Section: Here’s a Free Pre-ICO Project I’m Sharing (There are many, this one is on me):

I promised I would send you a bonus, and so I’m going to share one of the projects I got in that you are still in time to join.

This project will start trading very soon as it is approaching critical mass, but you still have enough time to start accumulating tokens.

I’m gathering up the most I can now as the token is starting to implement a scarcity measure that will increase the token’s value when it starts being traded.

To join the project, you just download the project app and start earning it through the app by simply logging in one time per day to confirm you are an active supporter of the project – I told you it would be easy and risk free, it consumes no battery and you can even use it on a device that is turned off all day every day as long as you log in once per day.

What’s more, I’m going to include another bonus:

I’m going to give you a FREE Coin just for signing up.

DISCLAIMER: This second bonus involves using my referral code so you’ll belong to my circle increasing my mining rate a bit.

The project is called Pi and it is a digital token developed by Stanford PHDs with over 9.5 million users worldwide, but still pre-ICO and easy to earn.

To claim your 1π, you just need to click here and use rukkanova as your invitation code.

And that’s it, you not only got a free token and a project you can start exploring in order to bank risk free when ICO comes, you also learned about this method and on some ways to spot projects on your own.

After all, I can’t do all the work for you can I?