The Future of Entertainment has a name: Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality? Virtual reality is considered the future of entertainment, with a mechanics that involves the fact that one can have the sensation that one is living a certain reality.

Knowing the world through our five senses, there are more but only some people have that notion, such as the sense of balance, that guarantee the capture of a rich flow of information from the environment to our minds. You would be presented with a version of reality and even if you were not there, you would realize as if everything was real.

The launch of the VR Headsets is just the beginning of everything. It is only now that independent studios are investing in VR narrative in such a way as to realize what kind of techniques they can introduce and create.

During the creation of our VR drama Ctrl last year, we learned a lot and we want to share that with you. Let’s start with the basics.


Forget everything you know about Virtual Reality

If you are interested in Virtual Reality because you think it’s like going to the movies to watch a movie, you can not. The film clearly has specific elements, such as the direction of the frame or the camera, and are used and used in almost all the productions they perform. However, compared to films, virtual reality has nothing to do with its own key elements to be explored. It is necessary to approach the VR as being something creative, unique, and open to all the possibilities that it holds.

The virtual environment should provide real-time answers to the person who wants to explore all of their surroundings. There are still some problems when there is a delay between people’s actions and the response or latency of the system, which eventually breaks the experience from time to time.

The person gradually realizes that he is in an artificial environment and adjusts all his behavior in conformity of the VR, which ends up in the end as a unique experience of mechanical interaction.


VR Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is super important when you highlight VR. Nowadays there are already known companies and indie companies that create games destined to be games only in virtual reality. And some of the more recent titles eliminate the elements of almost complete gameplay, concentrating more on the narrative. With the interaction defined to become integral in the experiences of virtual reality, the VR is destined to redefine this vision.

With the PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Daydream View, you can have a huge selection of games to choose from.

Nowadays there are more game developers who, before investing in a VR game, need to study the pros and cons, as there is a lot of games flowing into the arena.

However, there is a concern that VR affects our brains and our bodies. Although there has not been much scientific study on the neurological and physical effects of long-term use, current systems have caused nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. The United States Army refuses to use such devices as the Oculus Rift for these reasons in its combat simulation training, opting for high-end systems to prevent the disease. This will not prevent consumers from looking at the space with suspicion, at least until we can all try one for ourselves. It’s this science-fiction intrigue, Ward says, that is driving the VR market, not just business and potential product announcements.


Public Participation

The Virtual Reality is one of the first means to reach 100% of the attention of the target public. You can not check by phone, talk to friends, or even think about anything unrelated to VR. You will get yourself involved in such a way in the history, content, graphics, etc that will end up having your attention focused on the game that is playing virtual reality. But as you know, a great opportunity also comes with a huge responsibility. You have to have all the attention that everything that you are even worth to be played.

One of the examples of virtual reality interacting with the public is the interactive booth. The feature allows the participants to clear all doubts before entering the space. A screen with projections of all available environments appears inside the booth and the user can use touch to select what they want to know.

Another interesting attraction is the appearance of a character related to the concept of the brand. Through a realistic chart, the public can watch a detailed explanation of the product advertised and the strategies of the company. Thus, each person listens to an audio with the ideal number of information to answer their questions and interact with the environment.


Of course using virtual reality technology at events costs expensive and requires several electronic resources to function perfectly. However, the gains in market return are extremely high. So, recognize the ideal moment to bet on innovations.

It is important to note that the virtual reality experience is not something simple, on the contrary: it requires high performance hardware to work convincingly. Games, videos and other programs that seek to deceive our eyes need to work as efficiently as the real world.

As 2017 is to be one of the great years for VR, we expect to see many more productions and many more games released throughout the year. Industria is growing more, and new teams are being made for games, turning their hands to VR all the time. In Breaking Fourth, for example, you’re starting to work on two dramas by mid-2017, and we hope you’ll join in over the next few weeks. Next time, we will see all the narrative content, shaped the perception of the people about the VR.

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