Ghosts Hunters is Fake

Ghost Hunters and a program about ghosts, where TAPS – The Atlantic Paranormal Society investigates on several places, hoping to capture a supernatural test. What is supposedly real is often not. There are many places to explore, but the funniest thing is that in all of them, TAPS is the first to be. Despite being the first, in many cases, other paranormal teams have already been seen. After all, if you let people know that a place has been investigated before, and nothing has been proven, this is a great spoiler of how this episode will end.

If you have already watched the program, you know that everything depends not only on work but also on related and dramas. The problem is that the majority is all false. One example was that of a TAPS van that was lost. One of the cast members was picking on it all, and he said he was fake. The whole show was made so that it was perfidious but was found the next day, the show never covered that.


Regarding the scripts, we have already given many reasons why Ghost Hunters are fake, right? It’s not like a script was real or something like that, is it?

But look that according to the news, a script was found and posted online for everyone to see the step-by-step instructions to see all the different characters. One of them has to address the “drag” sounds, but what kind of sounds are they? Obviously, the document is considered false by the team. There are also people who pretend to be ghosts and who are real for life.


The TAPS Organization pretended to be a non-profit organization to make money and keep it. The people behind the program are also false because they were also receiving donations from others when in reality this is a business that is based on entertainment and is actually paid.

The group stated that all its technology ghosts were paid for with large donations they received, but according to the producers, they are paying for their high-tech equipment

Apparently, there are people dedicated to the true study of the paranormal and the supernatural and what really happens after death.

One person complains about the success of the program, but worse are certain parapsychologists who were invited to participate in the program and accepted. So in reality, if the program is fake, these parapsychologists are also fake, since they pretend to hunt ghosts just to seek classifications.

But the real ones have come to demonstrate their discontent, since Ghost Hunters, is taking away all credibility and give a rui name. It is as if a restaurant that invented a hamburger so terrible that McDonald’s claims that this is harming the credit of its street.


Ghost Hunters actually accused the business of fraud

Turning to the scam it was, countless accusations were sent about the legitimacy of numerous reality shows. But what matters here is that in one episode, ghost hunters were Ghost Hunting, they could not finish the ghosts and concluded that – dun dun dun – the ship they were investigating was not really haunted. It was all pretending for people!

And the job that did the pretending? It could be said that she was a girl and that she received enough hatred and threats of death. “She pretended a ghost, we’ll make her a ghost!” Because people are just the worst.

Also, perhaps you do not blame the people who pass through a haunted place for their failed haunts? After investigating, the group discovered that the ghost hunters were politely pulling everything out of the back. Yes, it turns out that TAPS lied and pushed the guilt of an employee because when you pretend to drama.

Another of the scams: Did any TAPS members see any ghost? The answer is more than obvious: No.


After all, what the ghost guy saw? Have not you seen a ghost? According to Gonsalves, he saw “moving objects, falling things that do not make sense, smells.” Being able to see a smell sounds incredible, the rest is just a normal thing that everyone has had some experience with. Our first reaction to something that falls is not “ACK, a ghost”, but that’s why we do not do the Ghost Hunter bucks, apparently.

He also said that if you watch the Ghost we should not be afraid since it makes the show more annoying. Everyone is interested in life after death, but most of us do not choose to become false reality show trails

·        Is the whole business haunted? If that does not necessarily mean that all the places that Ghost Hunters visit – and shoot and show on television, like a giant commercial – are all places that In fact do not have evil specters or scary obstacles, all we are saying is that it makes perfect fiscal sense to interpret the idea of ​​being haunted because people want to see.

·        He tried to communicate with a spirit in Fort Mifflin and Jason asked the team to let the familiar entity make a loud noise, something that could be a rodent that runs around.

·        The researchers accepted it even though it was not what they requested.

·        According to sources the 1969 hit, “Spirit in the Sky” also did not count as a real spirit, it was all reproduced by songs.A sequel to “Dead Ghost Walking” also seems real, but many claims that it is image manipulation through Photoshop.

·        When you set the tone and playback speed, everything fits perfectly. In the episode “Even Rich Ghosts Get The Boos,” Jason and Grant conduct the entire investigation as they sit in a small stroller that seems to move over the surprisingly confined neighborhoods of the haunted mansion on a lane. Although the episode produced a series of fits and appearances (including a full-length mirror that revealed a brilliant skeleton sitting between Jason and Grant), some claimed that the investigation occurred entirely on an amusement park ride. This seemingly baseless accusation gained momentum due to the unusual number of scenes with funnel cake and/or carnies.

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