Gonk: All About the GNK Energy Droid

Gonk Gonk Gonk…. he goes singing.

There’s a power droid that has a lot of love from Star Wars fans, and this droid is Gonk – or literally any copy of the GNK-series power droid range.

Produced by Industrial Automaton, the power droid had a large part to play in many of the galaxy’s battles.

Usually serving a support role, they were even at some point manufactured by the Rebel Alliance to be lethal weapons as well (making them walking collision bombs).

Through this post we’ll also approach the movies, telling you where to spot these Gonk droids, so keep reading if GNK are the droids you are looking for.

Tortured in Return of The Jedi by Jabba

In ROTJ you can spot the Gonk droid being tortured by Jabba the Hut. There’s a room full of droids, and Gonk is there, happilly gonking – or not so happy since he is being tortured.


In Lars Farm on A New Hope

There’s another GNK series droid in Lars’ farm. These moisture farmers also need power droids to handle their day to day business having the best support in the galaxy, so if you look closely, you can find the droid in no time. (In a New Hope – ANH)


Every Star Wars Game

There are a lot of these droids in Star Wars games, ranging from Star Wars Battlefront titles to Empire at War – the strategy game.

You can keep on clicking them or hanging around near these Gonk droids to hear their characteristic sound.


In Mos Eisley

In Mos Eisley Greedi shot first, but that is a debate for another occasion. Right now, we have to tell you that in Mos Eisley, before the crew enters the cantina there is a droid in the background.

Stop the image and find him there, it is a GNK series power droid! Just the one you were looking for.


After you’re done spotting every time GONK appears in Star Wars, check this vídeo for more info:


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