Gray Jedi Facts and FAQs: All You Should Know:

Gray Jedi Facts and FAQs: All You Should Know:

People are talking about Grey Jedi a lot lately, so we decided to make a post about them and explain the most frequently asked questions on these Gray Force users.


What are Grey Jedi?

They are hanging in the balance of light and darkness, and can fall to either side.
It is a tricky thing. There are lots thought streams that may lead some down this path — maybe they’re good guys who don’t agree with the Jedi’s code of conduct. Maybe they are absolute bastards, but they do not agree with the Sith politically and are attempting to stay away from all that stuff. Perhaps they’re not sophisticated or egocentric and believe they could use the Force without danger while still acting rashly or emotionally or checking themselves.
Perhaps they are bounty hunters who need to use the Force to shock or choke a bounty every once every so often, no big deal, right? Or perhaps you are merely using Power persuasion to have the weak-minded help you meet your carnal desires.


What Is The Grey Jedi Code?

There must be both dark and light. The balance is what holds life.
“There is no good without evil, but this evil has to be kept in check.
I’m a protector of life. I am a Gray Jedi.”—Leor Danal reciting what would be the foundation for The Grey Jedi Code.
The Gray Jedi Code was the mantra that all Gray Jedi lived by.
It was written by the first Kage Leor Danal, of the order. He asserted that the inspiration for the code came in a vision to him while he was in a Force Trance.


Are Gray Jedi Canon?

Regrettably, they’re not.


Are Grey Jedi Real?

If you’re inquiring if they’re canon, subsequently no, but if you’re making the question pre-Disney and considering Legends, then yes they are.
Jolee Bindo is an example, he was a Gray Jedi that served the Old Republic.
All Gray Jedi could achieve this, although the term didn’t directly refer to those that were capable of using both dark and light side Force abilities. The term was similar to that of “Dark Jedi” in that it could be applied to any Force-user, and not only to Jedi.
Sith also have their code, so were never considered as Gray Jedi. The term was occasionally used to name dissident or unorthodox Jedi who did not fulfill the most rigorous requirements of being a Gray Jedi. Qui-Gon Jinn, although he was a fully fledged Jedi Knight and even a Jedi Master, was sometimes looked upon as being close to a gray as they come thanks to the way he would question and outright disobey the council and the code.
The Grey Paladins also used this same term to describe themselves —they advocated the utilization of blasters and minimal reliance on the Force but held to the Jedi Code.


Are Grey Jedi More Powerful?

If they can fully commit to one or the other side they have more opportunities for training, guidance, and learning first hand, in place of finding abilities themselves that can be learned faster from a Sith or Jedi Master.
Count Dooku was a Jedi, and afterwards he became a Sith so he commitedd to both sides, unlike a Grey Jedi who rests in the middle somewhere. This Jedi turned Sith had a lot of Jedi knowledge but also could harness Sith powers as well, like Force lightning, because he dedicated himself to both paths. A Grey Jedi wouldn’t be as likely to learn the powers of the dark side unless he was trained by another grey user that falls more towards the darkness. Someone powerful enough with the Force may be able to learn Force Lightning on their own but it is obvious that he had to be insanely talented and powerful.
Do Grey Jedi have the potential? They do, but it sure is harder to maximize that same potential.


Grey Jedi vs. Jedi:

Grey Jedi don’t agree with many of the Jedi Order’s principles, and as such, they tend to carve their path.
If you think this is a lightweight decision and something you would consider doing if you were in their shoes, know that great danger arises from this decision, as the dark side pulls you at every corner.
They aren’t so attuned to the light side of the force, and as such struggle to develop a better understanding of the force, although it isn’t impossible for them to reach the same level as Jedi Masters.


Grey Jedi Vs Sith:

Grey Jedi are not following the strict Sith code, and as such, they probably can’t get any master to teach them the arts of the Dark Side of the Force.
They can wield Sith powers, but only if they learn them by themselves, and as such, they also have the path to developed barred on this side.
This is what makes Gray Jedi development so hard; they have to seek out fellow Grey Jedi, or they won’t have a master at all.

The Grey Jedi Code / Gray Jedi Code:

The Sith have a Code, the Jedi have a Code and the Gray Jedi are no different.
The parchment below includes the code that runs through the greys’ heart and a code they must respect, ponder upon and philosophize about.

As someone looking at it from an analytic perspective, I have to say it really makes a lot of sense, and it is worthy of meditation even from the part of Jedi and Sith alike as it may help to put everything else into perspective.
Of course, this is still a highly debated issue and there are those who claim gray Jedi and their code are not and will never be cannon, so there’s that to consider as well.
Regardless, I find the idea quite attractive, and if I would be a force user I would probably fall to this category as I don’t see the world as black and white as the Jedi Knights or Sith Lords.
Food for thought… or for force.

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