The Grey Alien Conspiracy Theory: Cool Conspiracy with a Dark Side of the Moon Base

The Grey Alien Conspiracy Theory: Cool Conspiracy with a Dark Side of the Moon Base

The moon is always going around us, but only one side is visible.

People have long speculated about the dark side of the moon, or the side we never see, but the truth is there are moon bases there that NASA is fully aware of.

According to Ancient Astronaut Theory, the firsthard experiences of some adbuction victims and even my own network of sources, aliens have been monitoring humanity, but why?


The answer can be found later on this video, but to give you some context, let’s talk about who owns those bases, who is monitoring us, why and how!


The aliens who own these lunar bases are known by us as “The Grey”.

The Gray are an advanced species, created by a superior race, and are the race we most commonly think about when we talk about aliens.

They have those big heads and eyes, they are small in stature and an advanced civilization. We mostly know aliens like this because they are the race who are constantly watching over us, not only from their lunar bases, but from their spacecraft – as reported by countless UFO sightings.


Now, let us discuss about their Spacecraft and the way they operate.

These Aliens have ships with advanced cloaking mechanisms, like you may find in our sci-fi universes like Star Trek. They are also able to make quick interdimensional jumps.

UFO sightings happen when some of these programs, or both of them, are failing. However, humanity is far from ignorance, as most governments know the Greys are watching us.


…but why are UFOs so different?


This has to do with the ship’s class, and the race it belongs to. We are only visited by a couple of alien races, races connected with the Greys, but most of the UFO sightings describe known Grey Ship Designs like the Cigar Shaped Vessels, and the “Flying Saucer” type ship.


The cigar shaped ships are, in fact, the equivalent to carriers. They usually carry anywhere from 7 to 10 scout ships and minor scouting drones.

The scout ships are, on the other hand, the iconic Flying Saucers. They get carried inside our planet’s atmosphere through the use of the cigar-shaped ships.


So, why are we being monitored? And why don’t the Greys just invade us and take our planet, but rather seem to be letting us develop?

The answer can be found by taking a look at the “1 Light Year Rule”.

The 1 Light Year Rule is a Universal Rule that enables all races or species to discover space travel, but their advances are only immune to interference up to 1 light year in possible travel.

This means our advances will be unhindered up to the point we can travel 1 light year in distance.

Space Travel will only be possible when humanity discovers how to use what aliens refer to as Element 115, and once we do this we will be able to explore space, but we won’t be able to travel more than that distance until a second breakthrough happens.

The grey aliens are waiting for that breakthrough to happen, and once it does, their monitoring will come to an end.


But, again, what is their interest in us?


The interest the Greys have in us rests in two regions of our bodies. The first being the reproductive system.

The greys are unable to reproduce, and they were created by a superior race I will discuss in the near future.

Being slaves of that race, they started a rebellion in order to break free.

Two groups of grey aliens are now separated. One group is still a slave, while the other group is looking for a way to surpass their creators.

The grey aliens monitoring us are the rebels, and they are studying humanity (as we also were created by an alien specie in a similar way but can reproduce) and using us to replicate themselves.

This explains why abductions by the Grey are many times centered on tests around our reprodutive systems, on why sometimes women become pregnant after an abduction and why the notion of “Aliens Probing Us” has become mainstream.
Then, there’s a second body part the Greys are interested in, and that lies within our brain.

Humanity is deeply spiritual due to this region of the brain, and we are connected to the Universe as a whole, being able to pull off amazing feats that most other species can’t without the aid of powerful technology.

These abilities are described by ancient people and in some of our religious work, but we don’t understand it yet, though mainstream scientists are already aware of this brain region’s power.

We are talking about what spiritual people call the “Third Eye”, known by health and research experts as “The Pineal Gland”.

Our Pineal Gland is able to tap into the energy fabric that is the Universe, allowing us to do things that could give the Rebel Greys the upper hand on the war against their creators.

What are your thoughts?