Hand Axe

Dark Souls 3’s Hand Axe is a weapon for any berseker wanting to do some chopping.


Practical Use:

This newbie friendly axe is both a tool and weapon. Its damage isn’t bad, but its weight is moderate and its range abysmal. It packs a punch, and may be relevant throughout the game.

It allows you to perform the attack boosting skill: Warcry.

Here are the stats for it:

·        Physical Damage: 110

·        Physical Defense: 45

·        Magical Defense: 25

·        Fire Defense: 25

·        Lightning Defense: 30

·        Stability: 20

·        Durability: 60

·        Weight: 2.5

·        Critical: 100



The axe is a formidable weapon even in untrained hands. It is able to chop through wood, light armor and bones, rending flesh along the way.

Use it as a tool, a weapon, a friend and an ally – and you’ll do good!

There’s no manual for how to use it. Grab it, wave it around and into your opponents face.



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