What Happened to Jon Heder?

Napoleon Dynamite was such a hit that we are left to wonder why Hollywood doesn’t cast Jon Heder (no, it’s not John Heder) anymore…

Well, this post is all about that, and we will justify why Heder disappeared and you never saw him again.

So, what happened?


He is a One Trick Pony

First of all, we recently talked about Billy Zane and his inability to separate himself from Cal (his character in Titanic).

Well, Jon Heder can’t escape Napoleon Dynamite either. He attempted to do it, playing diverse roles such as in Blades of Glory and School for Scoundrels, but he just couldn’t do it.


His Movies Failed

There were some good films under his belt, but most of them were critically demolished and financially barren.

Nobody wants to repeat the choices from a movie that failed, so that means there was less interest in casting him for other roles.

It may not be something about Jon, but he his taking the hits anyway.


The Nerdness is a Facade

Napoleon Dynamite is one of the Geek Gods (not Greek Gods), but in his real-life skin the actor is nothing like the character.

This means that his fans are unable to love them man, instead loving the character.

This could mean little for most, but for Jon Heder it means his fans aren’t going to buy tickets for his other projects, after all Napoleon isn’t starring in them and they have no connection to Heder, the man.


He Prefers Voice Overs

He told the press several times that he feels at home doing voice overs for cartoons, video-games and whatnot.

His voice is definitely memorable, so he is procured for that niche as well, so it seems it may be the break he was after.


Dead Grandma! Episode 10: FINALE from Will Kindrick on Vimeo.

Finding Success Online

Jon Heder started to tackle the Internet in 2009, with web projects like Woke Up Dead and other Indie projects.

His fans are able to feel a  greater bond through this medium and he can capitalize on what he is known for in the Internet in a way that he can’t in the offline world.

That’s why he is enjoying success in the interwebs.


Living Like a Star… Or Not

Finally, most of the stars are always fueling the press with material in order to stay relevant and in the memories of the people who call the shots and fans alike.

The actor behind Napoleon Dynamite lives na innocent life and is discreet. People won’t look for him unless there’s a slow day for other stars, and there is never a slow day for stars who actively campaign.


The Family Man Is Done

It seems as if Jon Heder is comfortable in his role of father of three. He works on what he likes, he lays low and lives a family life.

We can agree that is very noble and we’re happy for him, can’t we?

One thing is for sure, we’d like to see more of Jon in the future (no, not John Heder again!)


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