Most Haunted is Fake – Parapsychological Hoax

We begin our “Most Haunted is Fake” post by giving you a little intro.

The TV show that scared millions of people with their haunts and poltergeists was exposed as being fake by members of the board. The Parapsychological Ciaran O’Keefee, accused the series, stating that the public was being completely cheated by “showmanship and dramatics.”

Ciaran also charged Derek Acorah with the fact that he interpreted and pretended that he was communicating with the spirits, deceiving the viewers, when in fact the “medium” before the filming in the places already had the maximum of information about them . The Mirror newspaper also got stale images featuring Yvette Fielding and her husband, feigning paranormal occurrences, with slashes and beats that are said to be ghostly.


Most Haunted Staged: 

Most Haunted has quickly reached short status since it was released in 2002 as the most successful LivingTV program.

Millions of viewers tune in regularly to watch, and Yvette and her team spend nights in some of Britain’s most haunted placesOn a dark day, the show began live with a four-night special from East London, which followed, curiously enough, with a Jack the Ripper track. Yvette Fielding said that the show, which happens to be the production of her husband, Karl Beattie “There is no performance in the program, nothing at all, everything you hear and come is real.

However, our investigation revealed something entirely different, the program itself used careful editing to deceive viewers.

Ciaran, a paranormal speaker at Liverpool’s Hope University, is likely to end his career in the media but announced that viewers should always know the truth, no matter what.

Ciaran said:

“You have to open a dialogue about what I experienced in Most Haunted. In addition to the incidents, I was put on the show to give one more element of credibility and any kind of argument I had, I was considered skeptical and swept.”

“In my opinion, we’re not dealing with genuine mediumship, because viewers are being completely cheated. Other than that, team members were angered by Derek, because what happened is that they turn any serious inquiry into a question Of laughter. “

Many times even members of staff forget that they are behind cameras. One of our clips, later and edited, shows Karl to push a man inscrutable sound into the dark, and pretended to be completely attacked by a poltergeist.


In the remaining images he utters “s ** t, did you feel it?

Yvette: Are you okay? What happened?

Karl: I felt something touch my shoulder.

Soundman: I felt something hit me.

In another clip, it is noticed that Yvette is seen by a camera to be a deep breath, and in the scene that went to the air, they ask “What is this noise?”

Yvette: what noise? Like a moan?

Ian: Breathing or something.

Yvette: I heard you like an arrggh.

When Ciaran joined The Most Haunted in spring 2004, he suspected Acorah’s words in one of the filmings at Castle Leslie at Co Monaghan, Ireland, where a seventeenth-century canopy bed was claimed to have levitated.

Ciaran remembers that as he entered the room, Derek touched the bed and left with all the information he needed. And when he was ready, he insisted that the whole cameraman focus on the bed, it was just the wrong bed. “

Antix Productions claims that the mediums have no idea where they will be filming or will know details about the location’s history.


But Ciaran says, “Derek must have had prior knowledge of the locals.” In short, Ciaran started planning a plan to see if Derek was fooling the public.

During a shot in a prison in Bodmin, he invented a South African jailer who died a long time ago, called Kreed Kafer, an anagram of Derek Faker.

Ciaran also said, “I wrote it down and gave it to Derek before filming. I waited and honestly never thought Derek was going to risk, but during filming, he really got my character”

In the other round then, Ciaran composed another character, Homer Rick Eedles – an anagram of Derek Lies. Surely Derek got in touch with him.

Ciaran said: “This is not professional, nor are we dealing with a genuine medium.” “When Derek is possessed and doing it all consciously – all we are seeing is showmanships”

Antix Productions claims the mediums have no idea where they will be filming or know any details about the history of the locations.

“That’s where I decided to make stories about Richard the Lionheart, a witch, and Richard’s appearance seems to be a wardrobe – the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe!” Faithful to form, Derek mentioned all of Ciaran’s stories – though Richard ruled 500 years after Craigievar’s cast was built.



On the second night, the show was broadcast live, where, according to presenter David Bull, thousands of people died. In fact, they were in the abandoned remains of Barnes Convalescence Home – where no one died in torment.

Ciaran recalls: “Derek was communicating with spirits who seemed to have been in an asylum, but it was never an asylum.”

It was then that Mirror confronted Derek Acorah with Ciaran’s allegations, responding: “I have worked with Ciaran for many shows and he has every right to say what he says.

“Not only do I believe that I am a genuine medium – I live my work 24 hours a day. If I thought it was not a real medium, it would not work as one.”

A LivingTV spokesman said: “Ciaran O’Keeffe worked as an official program skeptic for 18 months and during that time did not catch our attention.


So, if you didn’t know Most Haunted is Fake, then you know now, and if you still have your doubts, we respect that and would love to hear from you down on the comments section.

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