Hawk Ring

A ring that can improve your sight, enhancing ranged damage.

Practical Use:

The Hawk Ring in Dark Souls 3 extends your Crossbow and Bow range, as well as reducing the falloff in damage for Kukris, Throwing Knives and Poison Knives as well.

The Firebomb, Lightning Urn and Black Firebomb arc is also raised, so you can throw them further.

Its weight is of 0.7 and it extends your range by 30.



The Four Knights of Gwyn’s member Hawkeye Gough is said to have worn this ring.

Others say the First Lord merely crafted it.

Be it as it may, it works! Its wearer has its vision sharpened and can see well at night, his ranged proficiency is raised, and like a Hawk he is able to spot his prey on the distance.


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