Where Was Hoth Filmed? About the Hoth Set

The Star Wars Saga has a lot of memorable planets, most of them destroyed by this point, but there is a planet that was so beautiful (and the scenes there so iconic) that it stayed in the memory of many.

We’re talking about Hoth, the snowy planet were the rebels get attacked by heavy AT-ATs and end up guerrila tacticking their way onto a ropery slippery victory.

So, where was Hoth filmed? Where was Hoth’s stage or studio or whatever?

This post was made to tell you just that.


Hoth Was Filmed In Norway:

If you want to visit Planet Hoth, then know Hoth was filmed in Norway. Norwegians can attest to the snowy planet themselves as there’s a lot of snow there, especially during peak winter days, but there’s more to this than it meets the eye.

Let’s talk about that in the next paragraphs.


The Actors Were Freezing

The actors and crew were freezing due to the cold, and they all agree it was a pain to film under such harsh conditions.

In fact, they would shoot scenes right by the Hotel as the cold was too intense for them to venture out and film in the middle of nowhere.

The Star Wars crew and even Mark Hamil himself confessed that Luke Skywalker would leave the Hotel running as if being chased, and return running to warm himself to get those running scenes done as quickly as possible.

Some Scenes Were Filmed in a Studio

Some of the scenes had to be filmed inside studios, and you may have seen some behind the scenes photos of those same sets.

This was a measure applauded by both actors and crew, who were freezing in Norway and embraced the chance to get out of the cold.



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