How Much Did Jon Heder Make?

Although he still entered and made voices of animations in so many others, never again the highlight he had in Dynamite. After all, what is made of it?

Born in Fort Collins, Colorado, Jon Heder is the son of Swedish descent. He was a former student at Brigham Young University, and it was a few years after 2002 that he worked on his first CGI animated short called The Pet Shop, written by Logan Deans and who won an Emmy around 2005. That was where his career began to gain notoriety, but he never returned to finish a short film.

However, while attending the University, he met Jared Hess, where together they starred in a short film called Wig, and that was later expanded to the series that made him into the actor he is today: Napoleon Dynamite. The short film Wig has come to receive some criticism and to gain some time after its presentation in some festivals and competitions of short films in some colleges.


The Success of Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite turned out to be a hit indie in 2004, and Jon Heder became famous at the expense of it. However, after that, he practically disappeared from everything that was television, and there was no studio that wanted to have any kind of contact with him. But why?

The question that arises here does not have to do with Jon Heder’s performance in Napoleon Dynamite, because his record is even handsome. He has had excellent performances in School for Scoundrels, Blades of Glory among other films or short films in which he has stood out. However, whenever his name comes to the public, viewers expect to see that geeky man with glasses and some curly hair that had his bright moments in the movies.

Napoleon Dynamite, his first hit, shot in Preston, Idaho, earned more revenue than almost any other at the Sundance Film Festival. In June 2005, Heder received the MTV Movie Award for Best Musical Performance and Male Achievement Performance for the role. On October 8, 2005, he attended Saturday Night Live with guests like Ashlee Simpson.

So it should be noted that Jon Heder did not have only good moments in Napoleon Dynamite. Despite all the awards the film receives, other films like Just Like Heaven and Monster House have also been hugely successful. The point here is that there were very few films that really had the success they deserved. If we talk about Mama’s Boy or even Bling, these two films have been received with much criticism or even with great indifference to movie critics and even some viewers. Even though the blame did not fall directly on Jon Heder, his name was directly linked to these two projects.

However, the biggest concern still falls on the film Napoleon Dynamite.


The Financial Problems

When Jon Heder was selected to be the main star of Napoleon Dynamite, he initially received $ 1000 to be a Lead Actor in the film. What you need to understand is that this is an indie film, and that’s why independent filmmakers have very limited budgets. Any budget for an indie movie goes to the food, trailer, cameras, certifications needed for venues, actors, and so on. And many times they will go to the banks to borrow, and they will probably only be paid if the film really succeeds.

What anyone needs to understand is that getting a big name interested in making an indie is very complicated because many of them feel that they are going back to their roots and that is why they end up going back in their careers. In this case, when you can not then the actor or actress you want, you have to go get others who actually have similar requirements. There is no guarantee of anything, and it turns out to be a risk to make an indie movie, but you have to know how to bet if the film really can be a success or not. It was for this very reason that Jon Heder only received $ 1000. Because it should not have been just him: directors, producers, writers, even other people who initially did not receive anything because of the low budget that an indie film has because, as previously mentioned, the budget has to go to costs of production and maintenance.

After everything is filmed then the first thing that needs to be done is to insert the name of your movie into festivals. The better known as Cannes and Toronto are the main ones, and it will be there that you will know if your movie is going to be a cessation or not. If you go to see it well, any distributor loves a film festival because it is there that you see all kinds of movies and it is also there that certain movies win big prizes. In the case of Napoleon Dynamite, there was a shaky war, because Fox Searchlight won the distribution rights, as something of $ 5 million advanced as a pledge of royalties.

Jon Heder probably got something like half a million and claimed some of the royalties as movie credits.

In the end, as you may have seen and well, the film generated about $ 40 million and was a great success.


Although we have seen little of Jon Heder, that does not mean that he stopped being an actor. He participated in 2005’s Monster House, as it was previously said, voices for video games, cartoons, and an almost sequel to Napoleon Dynamite. So far he has participated in more than 20 projects similar to this and so he is on the right track if he wants to get back on track.

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