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How to Make Money with HubPages: Writing for Passive Earnings

If you want to learn how to make money with HubPages and you’re looking to write and work hard to unlock the ability to enjoy one of the safest streams of passive income and earnings, then this article is for you.

HubPages is one of the most beginner-friendly websites out there for those looking to earn some money writing or blogging, and you don’t need to know how to code or have any technical skills – the platform presents you with everything you need in order to start.

However, it can be hard for freelance writers and wannabe bloggers to start seeing results, and that’s why I’ve opted to tell you my secrets and how I did it.

Before I owned this blog or any blog whatsoever, I started with HubPages, and it was through HP that I got my first full-time income by writing.

Although I was extra lucky (I’ll tell you why in a bit), that just influenced my first month there, it was all-natural and organic from that point on.

HubPages Was My First Full-Time Income: Skill, Luck, and Work

First of all, I consider myself to be a good writer, although I’m far from perfect. If you’re reading this article, you’ll probably spot a mistake or two due to the fact I’m Portuguese and not a native speaker.

On the other hand, I do have a knack to tell stories so I may have some skills. To top it off, I wrote one article per day, so I definitely put in the work too.

Now, the luck part.

When I entered HubPages, they were offering an apprenticeship program that paid $14 per 1000 words article, and so I had my full-time income writing one article per day on the site.

Unfortunately, they stopped that program already, but they still pay me on a daily basis through adsense.

You can also get paid daily through adsense even though you won’t get the $14 per article.

Hubpages places ads on your articles, and shares the money they generate with you, so the more people read them, the more you’ll earn.

I am going to share below my screenshot of just one of my accounts on the portal, which shows you the money I’m making isn’t much, but I have 64 articles there and it pays me every day.

I also don’t advise creating more accounts, but I had accounts on Squidoo which was bought by Hubpages and they kept my accounts there too, hence why I have more than 1.

Do you want to get the same results I did?

Then read below to see my techniques and copy them or twist them to your liking, I can guarantee they work.

I Want to Share My Techniques: Copy What I Did, Copy My Results

So, my HubPages earning tips are that you:

  • Always write over 1200 words;
  • Always use 1 image between each header;
  • Use multiple headers (200 words per header);
  • Don’t use links;
  • Boldface some words;
  • Write evergreen content.

By writing evergreen content, you ensure that you are going to stay relevant and that people will search for your articles forever (I don’t write for HubPages anymore and I still get paid daily because of the fact I always wrote evergreen content).

On the other hand, the rest of the tips are what HubPages and, in part, Google consider to be a high-quality article.

Hubpages frowns upon links, and I recommend you don’t use them at all.

Finally, boldfacing words help the reader to skim and makes the article look better, and the HP tool recommends you doing that – always follow the tool’s recommendations.

Finally, don’t be surprised if only 1 or 2 of your articles gets traffic.

Of my 64 articles, only 2 bring in traffic and those are the ones getting me paid, different authors have similar experiences.

The more you write, the more articles will achieve success, and this is one of the keys on how to make money with Hubpages.

Diversifying Your Freelance Writing Income: Multiple Streams of Income

When you want to make money passively and on autopilot, you need to diversify as much as you can.


Because you’ll be mostly earning small amounts from different places, and all of your earning streams together are what makes up your salary.

You see, here’s the tip:

It’s hard to earn a full-time income via one website or blog, but it’s really easy to earn smaller amounts from different places, like Medium and HubPages.

Having said that, diversifying is key.

HubPages is a great opportunity for you to diversify and complement your Medium earnings (I make more on HP than I make here, I think they are a bit more consistent with their earnings because it’s ad share instead of members-only reads, so all reads count).

Earnings on HubPages: Success Stories

One of the other great things about HubPages is that they have a “Success Stories” section where you can see writers who are earning good ammounts.

The reason this is good is that you can copy my tactic of hopping to their profiles, see what gives them the income they have (sort articles by comments for instances to gauge popularity), and write something along those lines.

This makes it so you can maximize your chances of success by copying what others are doing and is proven to work.

Beware though, you don’t want to copy it word for word, that’s not only unethical but illegal and it will get you banned.

HubPages is for original content that wasn’t published anywhere else, you can’t import stories as you do on Medium, so be careful with that.

Try It Yourself: It’s a Medium Alternative

Finally, if this didn’t convince you already, then do it just because it’s a Medium alternative and it pays to check it out just to be on the safe side and to have an alternative.

Or don’t, all the same for me, maybe I am too cautious and like to be everywhere at the same time, but I do write a lot and I spread my content out throughout several different sites.

There were once upon a time dozens of good portals to write for, but as it stands now I think only HubPages is competing with Medium on rewarding its authors, though I may be wrong – and if I am please let me know of any other good platforms to write at.

I hope this article helped you out on how to make money with HubPages. If you would like to give it a go, click here.

If you have any other alternatives to suggest, then leave me a comment with it and I’ll definitely check it out.

If the pay is good, I may start writing there too.