How to Submit an Event to the New York Times?

Maybe you’ve been wondering… how to submit an event to the New York Times?

Well, we certainly were in the past and we couldn’t find the right info. You’ll mostly look at outdated pages or even empty studs that appear to never have been filled, so we intend to change that with this short informational article.

Here’s the proper way to do it.


Submitting an Event to the NYT:

So, you have two different options.

You can opt for:

·        Sending them an Email;

·        Sending them regular mail;

If you opt to send them a regular letter, know that their address is:

The New York Times, 620 Eight Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10018.


On the other hand, you can submit an email by sending it to the address below: 


What do you need to include:

You need to include all of the relevant information and the following fields:

·        Name;

·        Telephone Number;

·        Email Address.

If you submit your event to the NYT, the paper will have the permissions to publish about it on all of its media channels, but you are free to reprint the info on it at all times.

Their website is as follows:


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