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Is Car Masters Real, Fake or Scripted: Is The Show Fake or Real?

Is Car Masters: Rust to Riches Scripted, Fake, or Real? Do the cast members actually work on the cars? Is the Reality TV Show scripted drama and acting or is it the real deal? Find out here.

Well, this is a question that many fans of the series are making and one I aim to write about in this short post.

First of all, this is a legitimate question as we have found out time and again about shows that fake it and scripted “Reality TV” programs.

On the other hand, many are questioning the female cast-member Constance Nunes on whether she actually is a mechanic or engine specialist or if she was just introduced as eye candy, so I’ll also tackle that point as well.

Finally, we address some of the issues that make this question arise, as well as giving you a conclusion to wrap this all up. If this sounds good, then read below.

Scripted Drama on the Same Niche and Genre:

First of all, let’s look at one of the core motives people have to ask this question.

If we turn our eyes to shows on the same genre and niche, we’ll find a lot of them have solid scripted drama components like Counting Cars on the same niche and Hell’s Kitchen on the same genre.

Not only that, some cast members of similar shows already came forward and declare their own shows to be fake, like what happened on Storage Wars being fake.

Knowing this makes it hard to watch these shows as if they are the real thing, and of course this question has to be made.

Does Constance Nunes Work on Cars or Engines: A Model or a Mechanic?

Then we have the topic of Constance and whether she actively works on engines and knows about mechanics in the first place.

She is a model and definitely a true beauty, and you often don’t find people in a garage looking like that, which allied to the fact she promotes herself as a model and not a mechanic makes fans wonder.

We recently even wrote a whole post on her, if you want to read it click on Constance Nunes Net Worth and Skills.

There is no evidence to say she isn’t skilled, but no evidence to support she is either – the show doesn’t cover the working process as much as it should and just shows simple stuff like tightening cogs and whatnot.

The Coverage is Insufficient: The Refurbishing, Restoration, and Improvement Processes

This is the main reason why I think the show may be fake. Think about it, the show lasts for so long and it caters to true automobile and mechanic fans and professionals while never showing any meaningful work being done.

You would think the producers would know guys like us who love auto and the show would appreciate seeing some real mechanic work being done on those sweet machines and classics.

Which leads me to something that complements what I’ve written about so far.

The Cast Members Background: How Convincing is the Show?

Let’s not forget what makes the program great, the cast.

The two fan favorites are, of course, Shawn Pilot and Constance Nunes. Well, we already discussed Constance, and how you can only find stuff about her modeling career. However, did you know her references don’t include the job of Engine Specialist but of Assistant Director and Service Specialist?

On the other hand, let’s go towards her male co-star Shawn Pilot. He works on the show, but he is also a Poker Player and an Actor.

What about the other cast members? They are all very secretive.

You can search around on the web, and you won’t find anything on most of them – they are totally anonymous outside the show. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? We don’t know as without info we can’t dig further.

Finally, this leads us to the conclusion of this piece. Is Car Masters fake or the real deal? Well, I gave you many of the arguments and you saw the show yourself.

Ally your experience with the show to what I’ve said here and think about it… what is your conclusion? What do you think?

I’m pending more to the fake side, but to each their own.