Jack Begley Age, Height, FAQs, Wife, Job, All About the Green Underarmor Shirt, and More!

Jack Begley is one of the fan favorites in The Curse of Oak Island.

While many people love him, some think Jack Begley is annoying, but there are close to no people who are left indifferent to his character and personality.

Today we thought about giving you a rundown on this Oak Island cast member and tell you about the most frequently asked questions, as well as their answers.

If you have been wondering if Jack is single, has a girlfriend, a wife, to whom he works for, where he went to college, more on his relationship with Craig Tester, his brother Drake Tester, and even some niche memes like the Underamor Green Shirt he always wears, then this is the article for you.

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Is Jack Begley Married or Single? Who is his girlfriend?

So, is Jack Begley single or not?

Well, the answer is that he is single. Yeap, he has no wife or girlfriend we can discover, and although he isn’t the most active person on Social Media we also follow all of his accounts and there is no evidence or activity suggesting any romance whatsoever.

The path is clear for those wanting to try their luck at getting a The Curse of Oak Island Producer and Cast Member, or so it seems.

How is Jack Begley Related to Craig Tester?

Craig is Jack’s stepfather.

They never hid this in the show, and they are pretty straightforward when they talk about their relationship.

Although they have a stepfather – stepson relationship, their bond is as tight as could be and they treat each other as father and son.

I touched this subject recently on my article on Craig Tester.

How is Jack Begley Related to Craig Tester?

The way Begley is related to Tester is Jack is the biological son of Craig Tester’s wife Beck Tester.

So, you have Craig who was father to Drake, and you have Beck who was the mother of the three kids they had (Madeline being the third, also a stepdaughter to Craig).

After Drake’s unfortunate death, Jack and Madeline are now the remaining two siblings of the relationship, none of the two related by blood to Tester.

remote energy solutions

What Does Jack Begley Do For a Living?

What is Jack Begley’s job?

Well, he is now a producer and cast member of The Curse of Oak Island, but he also is a businessman and owner of the company Remote Energy Solutions.

He has the Remote Energy Solutions job listed at his official Linkedin Account, so that’s probably what he prefers to be known for.

What is Jack Begley’s Connection to Oak Island?

Well, Jack is a producer and a cast member, but if you’re asking what makes Begley be present, then it had to be the fact his stepdad has a stake in The Oak Island Tours and is one of the main financing hands of the expedition.

Don’t forget that Begley, along with Madeline, is the heir to his father’s fortune and company, and he is already 44 so he has to pitch in.

Jack has also developed a huge relationship with the project, and he is legitimately passionate about the Island, even twitting he is married to the Island.

Finally, he also became a great friend of late Dan Blankenship and was among the people of the cast who suffered more for the loss.

Who is Jack Begley’s Biological Father:

We know you wanted to get a name, but the truth is no matter how much we dig we can’t find his name.

Not much is known about him, and the most we could get was a private account which just lists Mr. Begley, so we know he does use that surname.

We’re sorry we couldn’t get any further, but the info just isn’t there at the time. We’ll keep on looking and will update the page once we find anything.

Jack Begley’s Age and Height:

As far as demographics are concerned, Jack Begley is currently 44 years old, and as such the rest of the cast members allocate the grunt work towards his back.

We were surprised as he does look younger than that, we’d say 35, but sources claim he was born in August 1976.

His height is of 1,72m making him a centimeter taller than his step father Craig Tester.

jack begley brother drake tester

What Happened to Jack Begley Brother Drake Tester?

Unfortunately, Jack Begley’s brother passed away due to complications of a seizure-related illness that weren’t disclosed to the public.

Everyone loved Drake and he was a really outgoing and positive individual who definitely left a mark on every cast members’ lives.

Jack suffered a lot and they all promised to find out about The Oak Island Mystery to pay homage to Drake, someone who just loved the whole expedition.

jack begley college

What is Jack Begley’s College:

We couldn’t find any mention of Jack Begley’s college and he even looked at his father and Marty’s college only to find no evidence of him being there.

Whether this info is unknown or that he just didn’t go to college is beyond us, but we’ll make sure to keep you posted on it.

Jack Begley’s Remote Energy Solutions:

Jack owns a company, Remote Energy Solutions, and he manages it as well as work there.

As far as working there is concerned, it seems Begley is a Drone Driver.

Energy companies usually use drones to inspect the power structures they work with, like power plant chimneys and eolic turbines.

Where Does Jack Begley Live?

All sources point out to Begley still living in Traverse City, Michigan.

However, as Craig has placed his mansion on sale, we don’t know if Jack is moving out too or if he will remain in the city.

Only time will tell us this is very recent and there is still no word as to where they might be going now – maybe Nova Scotia?

Is Jack Begley Slow?

Well, we are a bit embarrassed to say this is one of the top questions we have been receiving lately, and that’s because of the way the show works. Let us explain.

The filmmakers behind the documentary appear to have gone to Begley for summaries of what happens in a simplistic and straightforward way to help viewers grasp what they are seeing.

So, Begley has been forced to summarize things while talking to others, and this makes it seem that he is stating the obvious.

Not only that, he is really an enthusiastic guy and may sound scripted to those who don’t know him.

From the little times, we spoke to him, we can guarantee he is a genuine kind-hearted guy.

Jack Begley Green Shirt: Under Armour Shirt

Did you know that Jack’s green under armour shirt has its own social media accounts?

Here you go:

Jack’s Shirt

It’s kind of ironic how he made his shirt have more social media activity than himself. It’s a celebrity in its own right now.

jack begley net worth

Jack Begley’s Net Worth:

How much is Jack Begley’s networth?

Well, experts estimate Jack’s worth is about $3 million dollars. To put it into context, it’s roughly half of what Craig Tester is worth, and twice of what Rick Lagina is worth – Rick who was a post office worker and only now is accruing his fortune with the show and the new company they own, The Oak Island Tours.

jack begley looks like jeremy dooley

Jack Begley Looks Like Jeremy Dooley

There are a lot of people pointing this out, so we’ve uploaded this comparison above so you can take a look at it and judge it by yourself.

If you’re one of the guys who think they do look similar, then know there are even people who say they act and sound similar as well.

Well, if you agree, then know you’re not the only one.

jack begley deceased death

Is Jack Begley Deceased? A Potential Start to a Death Rumor?

As we were researching Jack, we found out about his Geni page (a genealogy site with family trees).

We discovered that although Drake is correctly tagged as deceased, Jack Begley has been recently tagged deceased as well.

Jack’s Geni Page

Whether this is a malicious attempt at creating a rumor or not, we simply don’t know. Hope he is okay!

We now hope you know more about one of the fan favorites from the History Channel Show – The Curse of Oak Island.

If you want to browse more articles on the topic, use the search bar above as we have plenty.

See you next time.

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