Jodi Faeth Wolfe: Her Bio, Social Media, Details, Age, Info and More!

Just who is Jodi Faeth? Why haven’t we heard more about Jodi Faeth Wolfe and why is she so secretive?

Well, we know there’s a lot of curiosity around Mike Wolfe’s wife and that’s why we went out of our way to give you more info on her.

This includes the obvious demographics like age, appearance, status and so on… but also her social media accounts, and even a little bio.

So, if you’re interested in learning more, this is just the post for you.


Jodi Faeth is Married With Mike Wolfe:

First of all, is she single or is she married? Well, as many of you may know, she is married to American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe and she has children with the TV Personality.

They have been happy and seem to be going steady for years now, and we’re not seeing them divorce anytime soon.


Jodi Faeth Pictures: Physical Details and Photos

There’s not much information regarding her weight or body measurements, but she has blue eyes and brown hair.

We’ll leave you with a couple of pictures in the article so you can see her for yourself.


Jodi Faeth Relationship Status: When Was She Married?

Jodi Faeth married her husband Mike Wolfe back in 2012.

She celebrated 6 years of marriage with Mike and they already have a daughter together.


Jodi Faeth and Mike Wolfe Kids: Who Are Their Children?

Their offspring is so far limited to one little girl. Her name is Charlie Faith Wolfe, though many can think by the name she is a boy, she is as girly as can be and quite a cute little one at that.


A Jodi Faeth’s Bio:

She has a sound relationship going on, but she is way more than her marital status – she has been living large but was never sighted by the media or paparazzi with any other man, which says a lot about her devotion to family values.

She was born and raised in the USA, though her birthdate is unknown. Unfortunately, we don’t know Jodi Faeth’s networth as she is pretty secretive about that, but we can always speculate it is roughly the same as Mike’s.

About rumors, there has been an ongoing rumor that Jodi Faeth has cancer, though we don’t know if that is true or not. Other than that, no controversy can be found about her.


Jodi Faeth’s Social Media Profiles:

Jodi isn’t active in social media. In fact, she rarely posts stuff, but we have found some accounts connected to her.

After further digging though, we discovered these are managed not by her, but by fans of the Pickers’ show or people just wanting to make a bit of money off her image, so unfortunately we couldn’t link any official social media page.


We hope you now know more about this mysterious woman, and also hope the pictures helped in forming a picture of who this famous wife is.



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