Jodi Stardew Valley: Bio, Quests, Info, and More!

Jodi, Stardew Valley, is a sexy housewife to an absent husband – plot potential – and she is a cheery and active woman.

She is always happy to find distractions to her everyday life, and the farmer coming to Pelican Town was maybe what she was needing as the events ramp up from there.

Jodi Stardew Valley: Info and Details!

Jodi lives with Sam and Vincent, both her sons, but on the 2nd year her husband Kent arrives.

She is mostly doing her chores during the day, but she spends a healthy amount of time with Caroline, her best friend.

Can you romance Jodi? Unfortunately, you can, she is married and Kent would probably just kill you – if you want a married woman, even though you can’t romance Caroline either, she would be the best bet since she is the adulterous one.

Jodi’s birthday happens on the 11th day of Fall.

jodi stardew valley

Jodi’s Dislikes and Likes:

Jodi is really a foodie, so you’re almost good with any kind of prepared dishes. The easiest present you can gift her is the pancake since those are very easy to craft and can be spammed with minimal effort.

She also likes Crispy Bass, Rhubarb Pie, Vegetable Stew, and Chocolate Cake. Moderate Likes are Salad and Pizza.

She likes gems as well, and loves Diamonds.

She doesn’t like farm items like vegetables and fruits, and what she doesn’t really like are items you find on the ground, like foraged items, roots, wild fruits etc…

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Where is Jodi: Stardew Valley Schedule!

She is one of the easiest characters to find throughout the game because her schedules don’t change that much. She is usually at home, especially in the colder months, but she sometimes goes out to talk to Caroline in the square, usually right after lunchtime.

On Tuesdays she goes for the workout session at Pierre’s shop, at 6 PM.

On Sundays, she attends the altar to pray, again in the General Store, and she spends 3 hours there, from 11 am to 2 pm.

As a rule of thumb, if you want to find her, check her house.

Jodi Heart Events:

You can’t romance Jodi, but the heart events are as follow:

  • 3x Hearts: Get Fried Calamari Recipe;
  • 4x Hearts: Fish Casserole Quest;
  • 7x Hearts: Ice Cream Recipe.

And that’s it.

We hope you now know more about this housewife and that you got the info you came searching for.

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