Lagina Brothers Excited: Treasure Found on The Curse of Oak Island!

The Curse of Oak Island and the Lagina Brothers’ “find treasure” quest is going on for a long time right now, and it mostly has been a roller coaster of positive and negative emotions as Oak Island gives with one hand and takes with the other.

As a matter of fact, this has always happened – something tantalizing happens and they go to research further… only to find out it’s nothing or the anomaly simply disappeared.


Throughout the seasons we have been finding a lot of clues towards something being buried at Oak Island, but so far no treasure… that is until this season!

Now, part of the Treasure found on the curse of oak island is in their hands.


The Oak Island Treasure: The First of Many!

For now, the Oak Island Treasure is very, if not extremely, disappointing: One Rhodolite Garnet Brooch.

However, that is indeed the first treasure found on Oak Island and now we have something on our hands that is classified as treasure, something you never saw before!

The Lagina Brothers found treasure at last, and they’re excited at the 500 years old faceted gemstone you can see in the pictures.

Gary Drayton, the metal detecting expert, found a brooch “frame” to the north of Oak Island in Nova Scotia and he and Rick Lagina eventually discovered the gemstone that belongs there, effectively finding the first treasure of Oak Island!

Not only that, they even found out the brooch’s rear part is made of silver. The team was excited at the discovery and then they found out that it was an 11 to 12 facets gemstone named Rhodolite Garnet, and that it could potentially have over 400 years.

This would mean that the garnet would have been used in the 1600s.

Gary Drayton, however, revealed something even more interesting on the season finale – that the gemologist hired to examine the piece claims it can be a 500-year-old stone, dating from the 1500s.

We hope this marks a turning point in the Treasure Hunt of The Curse of Oak Island, and we’ll definitely tune in for the 6th Season of the Show!


Season 5 Had More Tantalizing Discoveries:

But season 5 wasn’t only about this small piece of treasure. Gary Drayton and Rick Lagina also found other very interesting pieces.

For starters, they discovered a military button that can range anywhere between 1780 to 40 years later.

Part of the treasure found on The Curse of Oak Island defies history as it was found a Templar cross as well and found out it can be related to Templar carvings from Temple Dome. Finally, we have to mention pottery, human bones, and parchment or bookbinding.


The team is wondering whether the treasure piece can be part of the royal jewels of Marie Antoinette, but so far there’s no indication from where that Oak Island Treasure could have come from. 

Only time will tell when the treasure found in Oak Island headline is going to be published around in newspapers. Guess we’ll have to find out in The Curse of Oak Island’s Season 6.

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