Let Us Sneak Peek: Days of Our Lives Spoilers Revealed!

Let Us Sneak Peek: Days of Our Lives Spoilers Revealed!

If you’re like us, then you love Days of Our Lives, but you use to hate spoilers… well, sometimes we embrace spoilers simply because we’re losing our sleep thinking about what may come next, and there are some rare exceptions where seeing spoilers is something we’re looking for.

Thinking about that, we’ve decided to give you a sneak peek and reveal some Days of Our Lives Spoilers for you to check out and let that curiosity bug go to rest.

If that’s something for you, then read below… but SPOILER ALERT!


Xander Finds Out About a Secret, Theresa Goes to Victor and J.J. Awes Jennifer!

Who would’ve thought that J.J. would get Theresa to move in with him?

Well, that’s exactly what happened. On the other hand, we also got rumors that Victor Kiriakis – aka the actor John Aniston – will drink himself down thanks to his relatives.

Theresa, acted by Jen Lilley, will demand Eric Marsolf’s Brady to accept her back, and Victor will even help her simply because he can’t bear seeing Brady with Eve – played by Kassie DePaiva.


What’s The Shocker?

Well, the shoker is that J.J. and Theresa will move in together… bet you weren’t expecting Jen’s daughter to straighten up only to have J.J. consort her enemy.

Xander, who is played by the charming actor Paul Telfer, also informs Victor Kiriakis that Titan Industries CEO position is being coveted by himself, only to have him politely tell him to go screw himself (not his exact words of course).

Here’s the kicker…

Xander then finds out about Victor’s dirty little secret on Nicole – played by Arianne Zucker – and Brady – played by actor Eric Marsolf. Xander gets renewed energy and motivation thanks to his brand new idea to blackmail the involved later on the show.


These spoilers can solve some questions you may have and they can even give you a leg up… now you can tell friends what happens before hand and paint it as something you only suspected… hiding the fact you read it here.

They’ll be impressed by your clarvoyance. Lel!

What are your thoughts?