Long Island Medium is Fake: Theresa Caputo is a Hoax, but do we care?

There’s a lot of attraction to the paranormal in all of us, in different waves and forms. For instance, some of us fear being abducted by Aliens, others haunted by Poltergeists and some others go to the church every Sunday.

Indeed, the paranormal has a lot of forms, and while many are mainstream, talking and seeing dead people isn’t a mainstream claim. To think there are people doing it in International TV is something else.

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The Long Island Medium Hoax: How Theresa Caputo is a fake!

Okay, there is a lot of factual stuff proving Caputo is fake, and while I’m not going in-depth on any of these facts I’ll mention a huge database of them.

Let’s see:

·        Real Experts point out she is constantly Cold-Reading;

·        Interrogation Experts note she is always using the Piggyback technique;

·        She claims she took tests to prove she has the ability yet fails to show them when that would clear all doubts;

·        Mark Edwards, a Spy on her tail, found out she investigates the Ticketmaster, Twitter, Facebook and all information on the people that show up for her shows thoroughly, and places those she knows well in the front rows;

·        All attendees, in any event, must sign a waiver to “let their image be shown on television”. This gets Theresa Caputo the signature she needs for her countless staff members to research ASAP.

·        Even with all of the social media help and the digital world of information available, she fails countless times, just not on television.

·        We’ve seen reports of countless people explaining how she TOTALLY missed the mark.

·        She plants staff members among the audience. Skeptics claim they relay info they hear to her.

·        There’s currently a $1.000.000 Challenge for anyone who can prove they have paranormal powers under controlled conditions (so she wouldn’t have any data on the people she would be reading). She didn’t get it…

Now, there are a lot of details on each of these points available. And everyone wise enough knows Long Island Medium to be fake, but if you believe nothing we may say will change that because you want to believe and that is fine. But for those on the fence, know it is all a hoax.

Now, to the second part…. do we care?


Do we care that Long Island Medium is Staged?

Now, as you probably know if you’re reading this…. it is all a lie. But do we care?

Analyze the stuff below:

·        The ones who believe her “KNOW” for a fact, there is life after death (isn’t that a good thing to believe?)

·        The ones who believe her “KNOW” they are going to get together with their loved ones again.

·        The people who get readings enjoy a twister of positive emotions.

·        She often lifts many people’s sense of guilt towards a death;

·        She helps people make peace with losses.

·        She always ensures the people she reads that their loved ones want them to move forward.

So what I mean is. Even though it is all fake, isn’t Theresa Caputo doing a good thing after all? You should think about that whenever you feel like destroying someone’s belief in her…

Having certainty that life after death exists is something I would like to have, so if some people manage to have it, I think that’s a good thing.

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