How to Make a DIY Virtual Reality Headset

If you want to get a DIY VR Headset because you don’t have the money to spend on getting one already made or one of those fancy ones, then know that a do-it-yourself model is very simple to make, and we found a template on Instructables that is a good basis to your DIY gadget.

We added some instructions so you know how to proceed, so read below to learn more:


Materials Required for the Project:

Here’s what you need in order to craft your vr headset:

·       A Shoe Box;

·       An X-Acto or a pair of Scissors;

·       The 45mm VR Lenses (you can get them here)

·       Velcro (Ideally 4 strips)

·       Glue

So, by getting these materials and buying the VR lenses which are very cheap, you can get a DIY Virtual Reality headset that costs way less than if you were to buy even the lowest end device.

Now to build it, start by downloading the Template from Instructables.


Assembling your Goggles:

Now, here’s what you need to do in order to assemble this project:

1.    Cut out the template use the X-Acto or the Scissors;

2.    Assemble the Template

3.    Bind everything with glue or Velcro (but read the next point)

4.    DO NOT use glue on the phone holder slit, it will damage your phone or even lock it into place.

5.    Download Google’s Cardboard App

6.    Enjoy the many demos to start your DIY Virtual Reality experience


Some Apps to Try:

We recommend testing out the device by using the following VR Applications from the Play Store:

·       Hang Glider;

·       Mercedes VR;

·       Volvo Reality;

Of course there are many more, but these will give you a good overview on everything you can expect Virtual Reality to be, at least for now, as this is a topic that will increase in popularity and develop exponentially through the next couple of years. At least we’re certainly hoping so.

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