Mark Towle Net Worth and FAQs: 14 The Gotham Garage Secrets from the Owner

Mark Towle Net Worth and FAQs: 14 The Gotham Garage Secrets from the Owner

Mark Towle net worth isn’t small as he is the owner of Gotham Garage, the famous auto-parts shop from Car Masters: Rust to Riches.

Throughout this article, we’re going to go over some interesting facts about Mark, and this includes the most searched for FAQ, about Mark Towle’s worth, so grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started.

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Intro: Reality Car Shows, Gotham Garage, and Car Masters Rust to Riches!

We’re fans of Reality TV, and some of our writers are also pretty invested in vintage cars, muscle cars, and everything on wheels.

Having said that, it’s obvious that we follow Gotham Garage projects and the reality hit Car Masters: Rust to Riches! (you can watch it on Netflix if you don’t know what we’re talking about).

We also love shows like Misfit Garage, Fast N’ Loud, and Graveyard Carz, but if we’re to be honest, we think there’s something different about Gotham Garage as they really enjoy designing cars that can stop any crowd, making pretty unique and original projects come to life.

Mark Towle leads the company as he is the owner, and so of course there’s a lot to know about a man of his stature.

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Mark Towle’s Net Worth: How Rich is He?

The entrepreneur is worth about half a million dollars, and he has done pretty well for himself, although he isn’t quite a millionaire yet – we think he’ll get there soon as the snowball is rolling for him.

There are some websites that state his past year gave him about $150,000 in income but this is prone to keep growing, at least while the show is popular.

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Containers and Dumpsters: A Project Before the Project

When he was young and before he ventured into car building, he used to be one of those container or dumpster divers, trying to get broken stuff in containers so he could fix them and flip them for profit – or even assemble them into cool-looking gadgets.

This is when the bug for making money and fixing things started biting him, and he realized this was what he wanted to do for life – not dumpster diving, but fixing old and broken stuff to flip.

Maybe his dumpster diving past would make up for a great show, though I hope the show wasn’t fake like Storage Wars.

Mark Towle’s Father: Raised by a Single Mom

His infancy wasn’t the happiest as he was raised by a single mom and lived through a lot of hardships, lacking money as he had three siblings and only one parent to help them.

Towle says this motivated him to do better and to ensure he could have a better life than what his mother had, so he invested himself into the Gotham Garage project fully and tried to make the most awesome rides he could.

The Man of Many Crafts: Designing and Building Props

Another job he had, previous to all of this, was building props for movie and television studios. Unfortunately, the official site doesn’t specify what props he did, because we were curious to know what creations we might have been exposed to that were his.

Finally, know he said he was working on movies and shows that required vehicle props, but who knows what he was responsible for.

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Building Helicopters, Boats, and Other Gizmos

Mark was always passionate about building things, and this is more than cars.

He likes to build things that move and so he dedicated his life to vehicles, so you can expect him to have a lot of experience in cars, but you’d be right to assume he had expertise elsewhere as well.

The man built boats, motorbikes, and even a helicopter, which is pretty slick if you ask us.

As far as motorbikes are concerned, he likes to build stuff that “rumbles” powerfully and that makes women “gawk”.

The Dream is in California: Temecula is his Home

His dream happens where his home is – The Gotham Garage headquarters.

The garage is in Temecula, California, and they have been open for 20 years which makes him a household presence in the state and a brand that has recognition far beyond the show.

Although he considers Temecula his home, his birthplace is listed as Los Angeles.

Another dream he had that came through was that he is licensed to create Mach 5 Replicas.

When he is building Mach 5 replicas he uses the Corvette C4 for its Chassis.

He is used to transforming cars into different things, so he states that “no car is too weird”, and that he constantly makes an effort to accommodate every request, including those other garages would consider silly or ridiculous – customer first, and this justifies why he has been so successful.

Needs Thrill, But Requires Privacy: Mark Towle is a Shy Daredevil

He confesses to having seen every episode of the Speed Racer series and that he is even a friend of Fernandez.

Towle requires the thrill of racing and fast cars, but he also considers privacy vital, and is quite a private person, always trying to keep a low profile despite his flamboyant work and shockingly beautiful cars.

This is why you don’t easily get to his social media accounts and it’s so hard to find information about him although he is a “public figure”.

The best bet to follow his life is if you follow his Gotham Garage’s profile, where he sometimes drops a hint of what he is doing – that’s what we did.

Mark Towle’s Wife: His Girlfriend is a Secret

A secret woman emerged on his social media and has been sighted with him multiple times.

They seem to be pretty close and ride together to many places, while they were also spotted kissing. Nobody knows the identity of the woman if she is her wife or girlfriend or simply a friend with benefits.

This just tells you how secretive and low profile he is, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she was already his wife, kept secret to avoid paparazzi.

He Loves Kids: A Playful Bear

Towle loves kids and goes out of his way to play with any child visiting Gotham Garage.

He is a cool guy who loves to make kids feel they’re part of their parents’ projects in the garage, so he makes them feel at home and enthralls them with his positive and playful attitude.

Ironic, since he was even sued by DC Comics for Copyright infringement.

Mark Towle’s Connections to Overhaulin’!

Courtney Hansen from Overhaulin’ was seen hanging out with Towle plenty of times and he has a good relationship with other car show stars, which seems healthy since they share a lot of fans and are in it together.

We think it would be great to see more collaborations between these garage shows, as we bet they would be able to create something truly amazing.

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