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Maximilian David Muñiz: Jennifer Lopez’s Son Age, Info and FAQs

Maximilian David Muñiz is one of two twins Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony had, and today we’re going to go over how he is doing, as well as answer some frequently asked questions about the teen.

Maximilian David Muñiz is currently in his teens and his twin sister is Emme Maribel Muñiz. Both of them were the offspring of the two singers Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, who were one of the most iconic couples of the show business a while back.

Their marriage lasted a solid 10 years, but things didn’t work out eventually, which led Jlo and Marc Anthony to separate, going their own way but raising the kids together.

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Doesn’t Maximilian David Muñiz Sing? Following His Parents’ Footsteps

Emme Maribel loves the spotlight and she already started performing. One of the main highlights of her still short career was singing with her mother Jennifer Lopez during the Superbowl, and her career is what’s making people ask how Maximilian is doing.

He is also 12 years of age, but he isn’t too keen to follow in his parents’ footsteps and doesn’t seem too fond of the limelight.

This is what makes people run to the internet to find out if he already started singing or not, only to find out singing doesn’t seem to be in the path he chose. So, did he reveal his taste for anything yet?

Let’s find out.

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The Couple and The Twins: Background Info on Max and Emme Muñiz

Marc Anthony and J-Lo were parents in February of 2008 to a set of twins, which made them insanely popular as a family and immediately started a collective fantasy of four world-renowned talents on the stage singing at the same time.

However, even though Emme Muñiz wants to sing and likes music very much, young Max doesn’t seem to share that opinion.

Max seems to be in love with arts, but he recently was found singing Riptide on Instagram, as Emme helped him out with a guitar. This Vance Joy tune was sung in a style that resembles Marc Anthony, while fans claim Emme is more like Jennifer Lopez.

Max is suspected of being a “Mini-Marc”, and their mom also states he has a lot of energy but likes to keep himself under the radar, which is fine as not many 12-year-olds like the world paying attention to them, some even having trouble with a single onlooker at times.

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Max’s Personality: Gauging His Character From Appearances and Social Media

During the family appearances to the public, fans have confirmed Maximilian David Muñiz is very shy and modest, but we also discovered he is taking voice lessons and piano lessons, though it is only natural that the parents, knowing the following they have, want to prepare the kids to fall back to singing if their dream jobs don’t pay the bills for them, which is something we can relate to.

After all, why not put the assets the parents fought hard to get to work on behalf of their children?

When talking about his kid, Marc Anthony said Maximilian has a huge heart and a refined sense of humor, being an intelligent kid who knows how to keep himself accountable, which is a quality he appreciates.

The children’s Social Media account is private because of their age, but it looks very normal and what you should expect from kids their age, with adorable videos and photos.

Finally, it’s also refreshing to see how the couple was able to apparently raise their kids together and give them solid morals and values despite their differences and not being together anymore.

There are many celebrities and certainly a lot of people who can’t say they were able to achieve what Lopez and Anthony achieved with Maximilian David Muñiz.