Meditation in VR: Stress, Anxiety, Reiki, Yoga and Hermitage

In today’s society with stress, anxiety and our never ending shower of thoughts, people are suffering from anxiety disorders and depression like never before.

Having that in mind, we can predict that VR will offer new solutions to fight that problem since it places you in a world of your choosing.

Let’s address this by trying to predict some of the trends in this area in the future – some years from now we’ll look back and see whether we were right or wrong in our predictions.

Be a Hermit in Your Own Home:

Everyone has heard about wise hermits. Well, hermits would probably not be very mentally sane considering they were isolated most of their lives, but some claim to have reached enlightenment and state to be immune to the disorders caused by isolation.

We don’t know if it’s true or not, the only thing we know is that Humans are highly adaptable so we don’t discard that there were sane and even wise Hermits out there, totally fine with being alone.

Spending some time alone has its benefits, and so you can reap those by jumping in your VR headset and isolating yourself in your own Hermit Hut, right from the comfort of your home.

When you feel you are calm and have done enough introspection, you can take the goggles off and get to the real world again.


Practice Yoga like the Old Masters:

Those visions of the Old Masters practicing Yoga, Reiki and other arts under waterfalls, next to cliffs, high on the treetops or from secluded monasteries will be reached easily through virtual reality.

Study the Old Masters’ ways and experience everything first hand through the magic of virtual reality, and maybe you’ll reach their level of attunement with the World.


Meditate Besides Gandhi and Train with Dalai Lama:

Finally, if you’re a fan of meditation you know Dalai Lama and Gandhi are and were too. In fact, many consider these men as inspirational and being able to meditate alongside them is definitely a cool idea.

Remember that you’re there to practice meditation, but once you’re over or before you engage in the activity, it’s nice to look at your surroundings to feel the connection to nature, and seeing those two and feeling their human nature and bond to Gaia (or the world itself) is a pretty good motivation.


Some of our staff members meditate, so we were talking about VR and its many applications when we started throwing these ideas out there, they are worth what they’re worth, but we thought of sharing them with you.

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