Mike Wolfe Looks Like…

Mike Wolfe Looks Like…

There have been people telling us that Wolfe looks like three different persons, and they are Adam Levine, Bill Nye the Science Guy and Chris Collinsworth.

Take a look below.


Mike Wolfe Looks Like Adam Levine

This one may be the most far-fetched one, but if you consider Mike Wolfe like na older Adam Levine, it totally suits him.

His smile and his eyes are similar, but I think it is mostly their expressions, they are similar and give it a resemblence aura.

Don’t know how to put it, either you see it or not.


Mike Wolfe Looks Like Bill Nye

Ok, so I couldn’t get a picture of Bill Nye that matches the pose of Mike Wolfe, but you get where this is coming from right?

I mean, Bill Nye and Mike Wolfe look so much alike that this is easy to see, even without a side by side comparison don’t you think?


Mike Wolfe Looks Like Chris Collinsworth

This one is unique in a way that they look alike because of their facial asymmetries.

You see, they both share those little “flaws” on the same spot and on the same side, so it creates the same feel in the eye of the beholder even though they aren’t exactly doppelgangers, that’s why you  may remember one when you see the other.


Who do you think Mike Wolfe looks like?

What are your thoughts?