What is Mike Wolfe’s Brother’s Name

What is Mike Wolfe’s Brother’s Name

If you saw his brother then you know that they look alike.

His name is Robbie Wolfe and he appeared in American Pickers for a time, since he is a picker and resells antiques as well as restores them. On the other hand, he suddenly stopped appearing.

In this post we’re going to tell you why that happened.


If you are asking what is Mike Wolfe’s brother’s name, then you may want to know about his family as well.

Robbie Wolfe got out of the show completely because he is married with a family and he wants to focus on that.

He kept his personal life private, so although we know he is married, we didn’t found out if he has kids or not.

He has a Facebook account and through it we could discover some simple stuff, like the fact Robbie Wolfe was born in the 26th of April, but we also don’t know what year.

He is a mystery, but at least now you know his name.

That we can tell you.


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