Morgause is Hot, Merlin Actress Emilia Fox: BBC’s Chainmail Maiden

As I stated in a post before (after another Merlin Character Nimueh), I recently finished the Merlin BBC Series, all five seasons of it, and so I’m recalling my favorite characters from the show.

One such character was Emilia Fox’s Morgause, who I found to be very sexy as well.

So, why do many of us find Morgause to be sexy even though others constantly claim she’s ugly? (Saw it shockingly true on message boards and although I can say she’s not your typical princess type girl, she is in no way ugly.)

So, she isn’t a bland looking blonde most people seem to prefer, but what is she?

Morgause is Sexy, and so is Emilia Fox:

First of all, she’s hot, and that shows. Here’s a Picture you can look at that proves my point.

Other than that, the character herself has everything sexy about the Shield Maiden and Witch concepts, and I found that appealing.

A Woman in Chainmail:

What’s there not to like about a woman in chainmail or platemail? This has been popular throughout the ages, and countless “Shield Maidens”, “Warrior Princesses”, Vixens, Succubus and Amazons have this character that just makes them inherently attractive.

Chainmail Morgause by Emilia Fox isn’t one of the exceptions to the rule.


She is a Lady:

The actress behind the witch is a lady, and that shows when you’re looking at the screen. I don’t know about you, but I instantly new that woman had class and was not your average empty actress with nothing more to offer than her looks.

She has brains and, in my opinion, her attitudes and expressions show it.


Masculine at Times, Always Feminine:

Morgause is kind of a masculine character, and the actress Emilia Fox herself has some traits that can be interpreted as masculine too, such as her strong facial structure.

On the other hand, she can be feminine at times and that switch adds something I can’t really pinpoint. Maybe it’s a mysterious aura or a hidden vulnerability or something that triggers the protector in me.


We like the Hard to Get Girls:

She has no interest in men and it shows, and we as men like girls that play hard to get or are hard to get in truth… it’s just something that’s true.

That aura of being unnatainable gives her even more character and personality, and gets you hooked.


Finally, this Picture!

Will you just look at that?

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