Mount and Blade Bannerlord: Why Do I Lose Influence After Making Clan?

People have been asking about losing influence after making a clan, and I’m going to let you know not only why this happens but how to counter it.

A lot of people have been sending me messages with the question “Why Do I Lose Influence After Making a Clan?”.

Well, although this can mean different things, throughout this article I’m going to go over all of them, telling you the reason behind this question and how to counter it by making more influence, giving you a bit of influence making guide.

If you want to earn more influence on Bannerlord, then read below.

Why Do You Lose Influence When Making a Clan?

First, we have to clarify what this means, and I’ve been struggling with this. The clan is your family, so I don’t see how you can “create” it since you’re stuck in the same one for all of the playthrough.

This means this question is probably about two things:

– Creating a Kingdom;

– Supporting a Clan;

Creating a Kingdom is just what it says, and supporting a clan makes sense because it not only can get a clan to enter a kingdom of yours but also because it can help them press their claims, both having influence costs.

If I’m wrong in this, don’t hesitate to send me a message as this article proves I read them all the time.

So, let’s begin by kingdom creation. When you create your kingdom you start bleeding influence left and right.

The Right Way to Make a Clan:

So, if you are thinking about creating a kingdom (making a clan is impossible, but I wrote it like this because of the insane amount of people who have been asking about it when they really mean kingdom), you need to complete the Dragon Banner questline.

The right way to make your own kingdom is to make it when you already have a steady supply of income from caravans and enterprises based on factions you don’t plan to go to war with, ideally enterprises in all factions so you’re not cut off.

Finally, it is easier for you if you start from a corner of the map as you’ll get fewer attacks that way and have a clear way laid out to you for expansion.

Getting More Influence as the Clan Leader:

If, on the other hand, you find that the influence cost to attract clans and to support them is too high, you better farm your influence up.

There are some ways to farm influence, and the ones I found the most effective are:

– Enacting the Sacred Majesty and Feudal Inheritance laws;

– Enacting Serfdom, Noble Retinues and Senate;

– Capturing and Releasing Enemy Lords;

– Donating Troops;

– Winning Battles.

These are the most sure-shot ways of earning influence, and if you stick to the laws suggested then I’m pretty sure you’ll have a steady stream of influence income coming your way.

On the other hand, try to enact some laws that deplete the influence of others, as that works great as well.

So, bottom line, there are two things explained here that may answer the question of “Why do I lose Influence when creating a clan” and that is mostly due to cost.

To top it all of, I even tell you how to rack up those influence points as to handle everything in a better way.

If I missed the point of your questions, do send me a message again, and if you want the answer to more Bannerlord questions, read the post linked on this sentence.

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