Mount and Blade II Bannerlord: New Features and Launch Date Mystery!

Mount and Blade II Bannerlord: New Features and Launch Date Mystery!

Mount and Blade: Warband was a legendary game, albeit underrated, and now we know its sequel is on its way. This was the year Taleworlds, Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord’s developers started to talk about what perks would be in the upcoming title.
We have to start by analyzing the gaming mechanics of Mount and Blade Warband? To be totally fair, we you consider sieges, they’re not much.
Ladders already piled against the walls, and an arrow fest until we eventually storm the walls or those boring occasional siege tower slowly rolling towards the wall.

The Siege mechanisms of Bannerlord, are – from what has been shown in the gameplay footage – far more.
The siege includes weaponry like rams we can manipulate – or let our troops do it, but it’s good to have the choice – to try to breach the gate. Ladders and siege towers stay in the game, though ladders must be lifted, and towers are a completely different design.


Expanded Bandit Gameplay:

One of my personal favorite gameplay pieces of Mount & Blade Bannerlord is the improved bandit gameplay. In the first title there was not much to do as a bandit, if you wanted to be one all you had to do was to simply attack caravans, capture lords and their armies, strike hamlets, and harass peasants.
We have a “gang” component here, and you can take over towns as it seems, and it would be fascinating to plague enemy villages with crime although I’m not quite sure if that is possible or not.
The new banditry features enable to expand the purpose of the bandit, and additionally, it permits lords to prepare better for war.



Weapon Crafting:

The new weapon crafting system characteristic assured in Bannerlord is exciting, and why?
What makes it so exciting is that it simply is a feature that fits this sandbox genre where freedom of choice is everything. Along with the skill to create your distinctive weapons, lords have their unique weapons. Another addendum is that you can slay enemy lords, and you couldn’t do that without mods in the first game.

The developers clearly stated you can kill lords and take their weapons, and… use it t
o kill their family.


Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord Launch:

The game is in the works for quite a long while, as it is being made since 2012 when we saw the first game images, at the time simple screenshots.


When is the release date?

We still do not know, though the devs have said that there should be a playable version of the game sometime in 2017, they will not give a set release date as they want to make the game to the best of their abilities, to ensure that they make something of exceptional quality for their fans.
Follow this link to go to the official Mount and Blade II Bannerlord site for further updates.
I would like to know in the comments below, which features you are most excited for in Blade and Mount, Bannerlord

About TaleWorlds “not declaring a deadline” for Mount & Blade II Yayuz was irresolute when he was
asked about when fans can anticipate the game.
He was adamant that it would take them the time it takes to make the game just perfect in their eyes.

He estimates there may be early access version or a beta of the game before the final product, nevertheless.
Regarding whether Bannerlord is coming to game consoles, Yayuz replied that he hopes it to be possible, although there is no such arrangement on the table just yet.

As a sidenote we decided to add that even though Mount and Blade isn’t a game known by hyper-realistic graphics, we are pretty happy with the work being done on that part as well.
I, as an individual, was pretty scared that they would reskin models instead of substantially improving them, but it looks like even textures got a massive overhaul, which is nice considering the team behind this extremely ambitious title is nowhere near as big as AAA titles.
I mean, look at the game screenshot below:


On the other hand, towns were always kind of boring and consisted of me jumping up and down looking for the guild master the first time so I could teleport the next time I needed him for something, and the frustration of not being able to go up stairs with the horse and having to spend more time on that empty city devoid of anything to do was kind of a turn-off as well.
I am glad they also tackled that issue by making cities in-game more bustling with activity, with more to do, and added immersion as well.
That outlaw / gang feature is something I’m eager to try as well.

Personally speaking, I am more hyped for this title than I ever was for No Man’s Sky, and for good reason.

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