Nerd VS Geek

Nerd VS Geek

Nowadays, it has become something normal for everyone to say that it is nerd, geek, hipster and other denominations that gained strength with the advancement of the Internet. In the case of geeks and nerds, both groups are constantly confused, and many people even think that the two are the same thing, perhaps by the appearance or personal tastes, which are similar.

But the truth is, nerds and geeks, in theory, are not the same thing. The two profiles are completely different from each other. If you haven’t noticed, we’ll try to explain it more simply.



The term  “nerd ” was conceived in 1954 by Theodor Seuss, American writer, poet, and cartoonist, better known as Dr. Seuss, who made an association between the snare and striped garments (in white and blue colors) for lean people. Given its perspective, a nerd is a comic character, usually skinny, and with some cognitive problems for certain subjects.

The traits of a nerd include several characteristics such as extreme and obsessive interest with books and studies, introversion, difficulty to relate socially; And several more developed skills due to the taste of games, movies, Science and Computers. Some items may include the Battlestar Galactica (BSG), Live Action (mostly for RolePlay games), chess, fantasy and sci-fi, Pc and physics programming.

As for jobs, nerds often become professionals like scientists, private teachers, programmers, engineers, inventors or work in a video store – often seen in some TV series and movies. And of course, when you talk about “love,” it’s natural for nerds to date other nerds.

The most spoken subjects among the nerds-who seem to recognize themselves from afar! They involve conversations somewhat… Weird.


Unlike the word  “nerd “, the denomination of  “Geek ” gained strength, incredible as it sounds, in the circus and on the streets! The acrobats, trapezists and other performing artists were popularly called “Geeks ” by the places in which they presented themselves. Subsequently, it was renamed as  “Computer geek ” The one who makes a living to solve problems on the computer

But, the first record of the word appeared in 1976, as synonymous with  “fool “. Only that the expression only acquired more positive definitions in the decade of 1990, when the technology gained the status of liberating power. Today, the term is more specific for those who are attracted by everything new, especially when it comes to computers and new technologies.

The traces of a geek are more centered than a nerd’s. They have more specific interests and lifestyles and become experts in what they like, but don’t be fooled, because they can often show themselves pretentious and exhausting. His tastes include video games, movies, collecting objects, passion for gadgets and technology, computing, codes, hacks, electronic music, among others. Besides, they usually wear shirts with ironic and funny phrases.

The professions most chosen by geeks can be: Web designer/developer, graphic designer, designer/game developer, marketer, entrepreneur, owner of a record store, bartender or even barista in an indie coffee shop-that hipsters on duty I’m sure they’ll know what I’m talking about. As for dating, geeks can relate to both people in the same group as well as the fewer fans in the area.

What about business? Overall, geeks are recognized when they start talking about their lifestyles, and discussions involving habits  “legal ” or pop culture references.



According to the research conducted, 87% of people around the world are more adepts to geeks than to nerds. Also, 66% believe that  “being geek ” is a compliment and 31% believe that geeks have great chances of being successful. If you find this little, 23% do not mind being called hipster, against 41% of those who feel good with the term  “Geek “.

41% of people feel more comfortable being called a geek, against 24% of those who prefer nerds. In the item “Cognition”, 59% of the geeks are smarter than those who are not (43%), 48% are obsessive with certain aspects of pop culture-against 29% of non-geeks, and 47% have more chances of doing well professionally than other people (28%).

The only downside is that of social interaction because 34% of this  “Biotype ” has some kind of disturbance in this universe.

For our lazier readers

  Nerd Geek
Appearance   Nerds are unconcerned with how others perceive them and may appear carelessly dressed.     Hipsters style themselves after geeks. Geeks often wear t-shirts displaying their object of interest.
Communication   Nerds tend to be introverted. They may not lack social skills, but prefer to spend time engaged in an activity or study rather than talking about it. Typically knows more than he’s saying.     Geeks, whether introverted or extroverted, can talk ad nauseam about their interests. Often comes across as pretentious, but truly knows his stuff.
Careers   Scientists, private teachers, programmers, engineers, inventors or work in a video store.     Web designer/developer, graphic designer, designer/game developer, marketer, entrepreneur, owner of a record store, bartender or even barista in an indie coffee shop.  
Home Decorating   Possibly has a messy home, since her focus will be on interests, not mundane tasks like cleaning.     Very likely keeps a collection, such as figurines, collector cards, video games.

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