No Man’s Sky: Bad News and Good News

No Man’s Sky: Bad News and Good News

No Man’s Sky: Bad News and Good News:

No Man’s Sky developer refuses claim of using patented superformula

A Dutch firm disagrees… they are meeting for coffee to get clarification.

The game’s formula had bee patented by a Dutch company, allegedly, and while they had no proof that Hello Games were using it, they claimed No Man’s Sky was using it anyways. At the time, the firm stated that they wanted to have a word with the developers and they had not supplied a license for Hello Games to use it.

Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, stated that

“No Man’s Sky Doesn’t use this “superformula thing or infringe a patent. This is a non-narrative… everybody chill.”


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While Murray calls it a ‘non-narrative’ the Dutch-based company is standing firm in their belief that their patent is being borrowed by No Man’s Sky.

“There have been several sources and folks (Sean Murray himself, among others) who have suggested more or less directly that the Superformula continues to be used,” a spokesperson told Eurogamer.

“Yesterday Sean Murray encouraged us for a cup of coffee at Hello Games for him to clarify things. We shall certainly do that.”

No news is good news, although there has been no word on whether or not the much-anticipated launch date would be affected by this squabble.


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Good News: No PS Plus Needed!

On related news, no Man’s Sky does not require a PS Plus subscription to play.

That is a relief…

Good news if you are looking to play with No Man’s Sky. While all of the US understand the game is one giant connected universe, the game is apparently so huge the programmers consider rating it “single player” on PSN. In response to an inquiry from Game Informer, a representative from Sony verified that a single player subscription would not be required.

The Staff Stated:

“PS Plus won’t be needed for online play. (…) you will need to connect to the internet on your discoveries to register.”

Considering the developers have said that they expect 99% of the universe of the game will never be investigated, you can see how one might quantify the Sky as a single player game.


Launch Date Delayed:

Finally, No Man’s Sky is going to release on PC 3 days later than the much-anticipated 9th of August.

The official site suggests PC version will not release on August 9th

I’m confident PC players would have desired to know that in advance.

An update to the official site (via NeoGaf) is suggesting that this just isn’t the case. The game will instead be launched on August 12th, which means the game wi

ll be, for nearly four days, a PS4 exclusive title.





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