Dead In Vinland: Lady Tomoe

Dead in Vinland’s Lady Tomoe is, like all of the companions you find, a mysterious character. She is a warrior of the same class as Eirik, which may cause her to stick out of the fighting if you already take … Continue reading

Dead in Vinland: How To Get Tinder?
September 26, 2018

If you’re playing Dead in Vinland, you probably wonder on how to get tinder. Why? Well, I don’t care how good you are, you’ll end up forgetting to feed the fire one day right before bedtime and whoosh. Either that … Continue reading

Virtual Reality for Stroke Rehabilitation
September 12, 2018

There have been some studies about the effect Virtual Reality for stroke rehabilitation would have, and how it would impact the recovery of arm function, walking speed, independence and more… But wait, we’re not going to bog this down with … Continue reading