Paranormal State is Fake: The Staged Spirit

We start this “Paranormal State is Fake” blog post from scratch: What is Paranormal State after all?

Introducing shortly, A & E’s Paranormal State is a television show based on the exploits of Ryan Buell, who founded the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) in 2001 while still a student at Penn State University. Being a native of Sumer, South Carolina, he was always very interested in these paranormal issues and began investigating all sorts of “hauntings” and other happenings since he was still a teenager.

After launching the PRS, it turns out that Buell started gaining some prominence and was invited to speak at different colleges and high schools. Until one day he was approached by a television producer, Betsy Schechter, in 2005 to launch a television series based on all his work already done. It was there that Schechter landed a spot on A & E and the Paranormal State filming, a year after his meeting with Buell.


The hard criticism for the PRS team

 This is where the fake show comes in. One managed to look at the PS and find fault and managed to bring the audience.

Criticism comes against Buell and her team and comes from a pesky lady named Kelli Ryan who recently moved into the house of her dreams along with her husband, where they happened to meet a friendly ghost named Bill in one of the corridors. Bill was the former owner of the house who died, and she also discovered that a sinister spirit settled in the kitchen and began to attack her along with her husband. However, Kelli did not deal with the spirit alone and decided to contact Buell’s team. Bill apparently wanted to convey messages to family members, saying that no one was to blame for the accident that killed him.


That’s where everything changed. Kelli said that: ” Chip Coffey was interpreted to be psychodynamic, receiving all the information from our case, including the identity of the previous owner ghost of the house, who died 28 years before we bought it now. We have been asked for a number of clients, and we have been asked for a number of satisfied clients, including Pris after our ghost, Bill Wells, began asking us for help. Help because there was some sort of entity in our downstairs hall and adjacent rooms which my own spirit guide warned me from dealing with on my own. “

“The purpose of contacting PRS was to help Bill since he was asking us. Bill just wanted the town people to know that there was no transgression and that it was just an accident. Who was happy in heaven and wanted his friend to be happy and live his life without guilt or sadness.A & E said that Ryan Buell was very good at convincing people to participate in his investigations and how his participation would help the healing process. Sumit David promised us that nothing about the show would be done, which would be damaging to Bill Wells’s loved ones. Nothing would turn out to be any further from the truth than this  hideous lie. “

It was then that Ryan said Buell’s team was responsible for all the distortions that appeared on the show they produced and even noted that Bill was the ghost called “Shadow Man.

Ryan said, “This shady man you see really lives in your house” with a very satisfied air, and he has also demanded that his entire team adore him and express and express his admiration. And they all did because deep down they wanted to keep their job

But what really matters here, and that all Kelli wanted was to help Bill this, because according to her information: “This is the reason we need help. My life in an identical car crash I survived two weeks after moving in this house. “


But how did A & E come up with all this?

 According to Kelli “We sent the news article detailing Bill’s accident and funeral along with the acts, to show the list of former owners.” Sumit David promised us that nothing about the show would be done, which would be detrimental to The loved ones of Bill Wells.

A & E promised us they would not show these accident pictures. No one in Gold Beach, including Bill’s wife, knew the extent of his injuries, other than head trauma. That the crushed and severed head was kept secret. This was devastating for those who loved Bill. “


“I was then asked to pretend I did not knowof any information about Bill so that viewers could get a sense of how a story unfolded”

When the entity appeared it scared the whole PRS team and Chip Coffey refused to deal with it. The PRS staff ‘pretended’ cold spots in our home. They explained to us that they were using a beer package to lure Bill in and pull him out so he could photograph it. … After the episode was shown, I realized that the “Cold Spot” Ryan and Chip were “discovering” in our guest room was one of the Budweiser cans! “

During the so-called EVP session, the team picked up broadcasts from a local ham radio operator and pretended it was the voice of a ghost. Worse still, the message Bill wanted very much to leave the public – that his death was an accident – was never said. The part of the show was left on the cutting room floor.

In conclusion: A psychic whose business is hidden in the occult should not be surprised when his house is inhabited by more than his husband and the “spiritual guide” of the friendly neighborhood.


So, we know you always wondered about proof to confirm your suspicions that Paranormal State is Fake, and now you have them, so be sure to share them with any skeptics or believers you may know.

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