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Park Shin Hye Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Instagram, Height, and FAQs:

How Much is Shin Hye Worth?

Park Shin Hye net worth is around $8 million dollars, which is very good and simply legendary if you consider she is a South Korean.

Believe it or not, even with all of the K-Pop and South Korean hype lately, we can say South Korean actors, singers and artists are very underpaid when comparing them to their western counterparts.

This means Shin Hye is an extremelly successful artist, and for good reason. She is also a really philantropic woman, and she even dressed up like Santa and visited Nepal in 2009 to help the kids there.

She is one of the most popular actresses in South Korea.

Park Hye Age:

Park was born in 1990, on the month of February and in Gwangju. She is therefore 30 years old, although she has an even younger look and a very jovial voice.

Her first break was on TV, where she starred as the TV Series “You Are Beautiful” as Go Mi-Nyu.

She then went on to portray Lee Gyu-Won in “You’ve Fallen For Me”, another TV series which aired in 2011.

Two other roles you also enjoyed seeing her portray were Go Dok Mi on “Flower Boy Next Door” and Xiao-Zhi in “Hayate the Combat Butler”.

Finally, she ended up performing Hye-Jung on Doctors (2016) and lately was seen in the small screen incarnating Jung Hee Joo on “Memories of the Alhambra” (2018 – 2019).

Park Shin Hye Height:

When you consider heights, Park is a fairly small woman, measuring 1 meter and 65 centimeters, or 5 ft 4 in.

She is considered to be of average height, even more so in South Korea where the averages are smaller than in the western world.

A female from birth, she has been working as a model, actress and artist.

Park Shin Hye Boyfriend:

There has been a lot of controversy on Shin Hye’s relationship status, and that is mainly due to some dating rumors that suggest she dumped Choi Tae Joon.

The fans were very happy to hear this and instantly pointed out that she must now pair up with Lee Min Ho.

The break up was confirmed late 2019, and the statement was it was due to “the irreconciliable age difference”.

There were also rumors that she briefly dated Lee Min Ho, but those were never confirmed and stay as rumors.

As of now, the official story is Park Shin Hye is single.

Park Shin Hye Instagram:

There has been some confusion about Park Shin Hye’s official page because her fan page bears her name and the original one doesn’t.

However, if you want to follow Hye on Instagram, this is the link you should use:

User: @ssinz7

The fan page, with a lot of good photos and material, is definitely worth a follow, and this is the link for it.

Fan Page: @park.shinhye

Enjoy the photos and give both of them a follow.

So, bottom line, Park Shin Hye net worth is of eight million dollars.

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