Partizan Spear

A Spear that allows you to poke from behind your shield.


Practical Use:

The Partizan can be reinforced, buffed and infused. It is also the only spear that manages to get you the ability to slash horizontally.

Here are the stats for it:

·        Physical Damage: 108

·        Physical Defense: 40

·        Magical Defense: 25

·        Fire Defense: 20

·        Lightning Defense: 20

·        Stability: 20

·        Durability: 65

·        Weight: 6.5

·        Critical: 100



A spear and a sword joined in one. It is a sword blade tied up to a spear, so it is able to slash while giving the wielder a good poking range. It can be used to form phalanxes and the fighter can pierce his enemy while behind his own shield.

Without a shield, the warrior can attack faster, to slice and dice he’s opponents. A good weapon for open brawls, can get you killed while indoors.

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