Who is Peter Fornetti: Wife or Girlfriend? Family, Info, Nationality, College, and FAQ

Who is Peter Fornetti, the guy who is always on set looking young and the Lagina’s call nephew? Well, he is indeed their nephew, but how? Where is he from? Is he married, or is he even old enough to marry or does he have a girlfriend?

Who is his family and why is the Lagina brothers’ nephew and yet is named Fornetti?

Well, due to the many questions from fans of the show, we opted to write this piece going over just who Fornetti really is and what he’s doing in Oak Island.

Peter Fornetti Producer from The Curse of Oak Island:

Peter is a producer of the show The Curse of Oak Island, and he tends to work more with another producer you know well, Jack Begley, the underarmour shirt guy with the resident beard.

Having said that, Peter Fornetti is a college graduate and is focusing on his career as of now, although we couldn’t find out what his major was.

How Old is He: The Youngest in the Oak Island Fellowship

Peter was born in 1996, so he’s now 24 years old, making him one of the youngest in the Oak Island fellowship and certainly a young producer as far as TV Shows are concerned.

He likes to avoid the limelight when he’s not on the show and is pretty discreet, like many other cast members, but he loves treasure hunting.

His uncle Rick Lagina already said he loves having him on the show and wished more nephews would come.

Nationality and College: Where did he study, Where does he live?

As far as college is concerned, Peter studied in Marquette University and as we wrote previously his course wasn’t disclosed, but we believe it to be in the area of business management.

He is focused on his career and has been rising in popularity.

Unlike his uncles, Fornetti is an American in nationaly, also living in the USA.

Peter Fornetti Net Worth: How Rich?

Peter’s net worth is estimated to be around $250 thousand dollars, and much of it probably comes from his salary as the show’s producer.

He is estimated to be getting $150 thousand dollars per year according to most sources, which is not too shabby for a 24 year old. I certainly wouldn’t mind getting that allowance when I was his age.

Not much is known about his professional life other than the positions he keeps as part of the tv show, but he is rumored to be managing a company as well, although we couldn’t find the name of the enterprise much due to the fact he isn’t very active on Social Media.

How is Peter Fornetti Related to the Laginas?

Peter is the son of Marty and Rick’s sister, so he is a direct nephew but doesn’t bear the family name as he uses the name of his father.

This is pretty normal, although his name may confuse some spectators who are caught off-guard.

We hope you now know more about the young producer of The Curse of Oak Island from the History Channel.

We’ll keep you posted on more developments.