Plank Shield

An improvised shield in Dark Souls 3 that is mostly used by new adventurers.


Practical Use:

The plank shield can be reinforced with Titanite Shards and it can be infused. It is the lightest choice of shield, but it isn’t recommended. It has low stability values and the block is very bad. It doesn’t help you parry either so no parrying with this makeshift shield.

Blessed Infusion is the best use of this shield, or in some instances, to use with shield bash.

Here are the stats for it:

·        Physical Damage: 53

·        Physical Defense: 41

·        Magical Defense: 24

·        Fire Defense: 27

·        Lightning Defense: 23

·        Stability: 34

·        Durability: 40

·        Weight: 1

·        Critical: 100



This shield is just a bunch of planks nailed to each other. It gives young recruits light protection, and by light we mean it.

It is mostly built by the recruits themselves when they think their issued weapons lack a bit of protection. The wearer even leaves some nail points on its surface as to penetrate the enemy when shield bashing.


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