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Pokémon GO: 15 Critical Tips & Tricks The Game Does Not Tell You!

Pokémon GO: 15 Critical Tips & Tricks The Game Does Not Tell You!

So you have got Pokémon GO (earlier than the rest of us if you were on Android), you have done a little dancing after finding a Charmander in your living-room, and now you are unleashed into the big, bad world, seeing what else you can find.

There’s just one thing… Pokémon GO is a full-fledged Nintendo game, and the company is notorious for packing their games with much more than it meets the eye as longtime fans can attest.

As such, you will want all the help you’ll be able to get if you’re going to be the best, like no one, ever was… but be careful, there are a lot of Pokémon Go Scams out there.


what do pokemon go footprints mean

What The Footprints Mean:

See, when you boot Pokémon GO up, the game takes note of your standing in the real world using GPS. These footprint icons order a radius with that start point, so three footprints would be around 300 meters from where you’re, two is 200 and one is 100 and less.

It doesn’t matter which direction you walk in, as you’re simply dealing with a round radius everywhere around you. You’ll notice the ‘Nearby’ frame fluctuates and keeps changing as you go.


pokemon duplicate pikachu

Transfer Your Duplicate Pokémon For Candy:

Across your travels, like the primary games you will run into a host of similar Pokémon – especially if you are grinding/farming a particular patch of land (like your house or its surroundings).

Therefore, hop in your Pokémon viewer (Pokéball button, then left icon), opt for a Pokémon and scroll down.

From here, select ‘Transport’ and the Professor will take the creature returning ‘Candy’ relating to the ‘family’ of Pokémon in return. These sweets may be used to drive evolutions and increase the Fight Power (the battle stat used universally), so even if you’re laden with a lot of duplicate monsters, trade them in and spruce up your chief team.


pokemon go shop stop free

Daily Free Items In The Store:

After you have got past the wonderful-sounding notion of having the availability of Pokéballs mapped around to real-world shop locations, it’ll suddenly dawn on you that you might really need to go to the shops, only to remain stocked up.

Happily, that’s not completely the case, as hopping into the Shop menu in the Pokéball icon does open up a universe of micro-transactions (the program is free, so Niantic/Nintendo need to make their cash back somehow), nonetheless look to the top right, and to the ‘shield’ icon.

This can be tapped once a day for a daily bonus, and if you’ve missed it for a few days the number in the middle denotes how many ‘freebies’ you are yet to claim.


how to catch pokemon go

Catching Pokemon Easily:

There is a lot more to the poke balls than simply hoping to discover the best and swipe to catch it. You have likely noticed a number of colored rings widening and ensnaring around your opponent.

These dictate how the creature is easy or challenging is to get, so wait before throwing until it’s at its littlest, if all you see is a green ring you’ll always catch it. You can press and hold to modify the size of the ring as it seems, and if you do this before chucking your ball outside, will more often than not connect.

Orange and red rings mean you’ve to calm the Pokémon a little first. Otherwise, they will break back outside, and you’ll just waste things along the way. Master Pokéballs or locating or buying Great Balls give a greater possibility of catching these higher-rated creatures, but you may also purchase/locate Berries, that will turn their risk rings back to green, letting you snap them up.


pokemon go curveball

How You Can Throw A Curveball:

Okay, you’ve caught a few Pokémon, and you’ve ventured wide and far – Maybe you need somewhat more of a challenge?

By the time this happens, throw it – and you’ll most likely miss – but eventually you will get the hang of it. Your base XP doubles, and you will be rating up in no time.


android sleeping

NOTHING Tracks When The App Is Asleep:

This may be apparent, but unlike fundamental downloads and other popular mobile programs, Pokémon GO’s various systems (tracking and populating the world, hatching eggs by walking etc.) are totally nonfunctional when the program is inactive or your phone is asleep.

Meaning if you are looking to hatch an egg by covering a particular distance you will need to leave the program running, open on your mobile device.

The program needs to register as the radial distance to every Pokémon is constantly being monitored where you are at all times.

This will raise battery concerns, so read below…


pokemon go battery saver

What ‘Battery Saver Mode’ Truly Does:

The most immediate complaint about PokéGO has to come from the crazy drain it puts on your battery. As the program unites continuous GPS tracking with the omnipresent server -sync across the earth, you are able to lose an entire charge in around 40 minutes. Yes, really.

Niantic is apparently working on a fix, but the contained ‘Battery Saver Mode’ actually describes the screen turning off itself if you turn your phone down. Simply hold onto the phone with earphones in and it is going to vibrate when a wild Pokémon is close, or make a sound when you are in range of a PokéStop.”

This isn’t a perfect fix, but it’ll be useful if you are planning on walking great distances without continuously staring downwards or waiting around in specific areas to see what spawns.


pokemon go evolution

Evolve your Pokemon after it gets Fainted: Completely Healed!

Pokémon GO gives the gameplay a slight twist, whereas formerly, evolving a Pokémon with zero HP would bring it back with only the incremental difference between kinds as the remaining amount, now developing a knocked out Pokémon gives you the full health bar, as though you had just caught them.

Point being: Don’t ever waste unnecessary things like yellow potions to bring Pokémon back when instead you could simply stock up Stardust and the needed Sweets to evolve them and get an all- new Pokémon instead.


pokemon go interface

It’s Possible For You To Catch Many Pokémon By Standing:

Thank the Lord for this one, as yes, Pokémon GO is built to enable you to get out and around, but thanks to the way it all works, standing still has its benefits also.

Nevertheless, exactly because of that load time and server catch-up, any Pokémon will be seen by standing still within a short radius pop up regardless.

Chances are, a Pokémon will pop up at random times, so always take breaks between spells of adventuring to see what’s hiding around.


It’s Possible For You To Name Pokémon:

A miniature perk but something that any self-serving Pokémon Master needs to understand – giving a load of custom names to your small team of warriors is cool.

To do so, leap into the Pokémon menu, pick a creature and look to the TINY ‘pencil’ icon next to their name. Tap it, and it is possible to enter anything you like (ANYTHING, you enjoy), customizing your team as you see fit.


pokemon go pokestops

The Best Way To Use PokéStops Properly:

From the main game screen, when you get close to a PokéStop, yes it’ll reshape, but you have to zoom up first and swipe as quickly as possible on the graphic itself (it is indeed a real picture by Google Maps), then the icon will create items, and you can hoover them up.

Extra Tip: Due to how all elements and items to evolve are synched with Niantic’s servers, after you’ve placed the picture disk spinning, simply hit the ‘X’ cease button and any needed things will automatically be added to your stock, meaning you don’t have to wait for the animation to stop. Individuals have used this as a means to perform ‘driveby PokéStops,’ as it’s especially useful in traffic.


pokemon go sexy

What The Grass Cartoons Mean:

You can start your adventure a bit intimidated, on the best means possible, as going off on your first Pokémon experience is pretty exciting. You have a word with Professor Willow, load up on Pokéballs and throw a few of them at some innocent heads that are Pokémon.

Well, first take a look at your world map. The game refrains from giving any real direction in the early going to you, your only goal coming from getting up to Lvl. 5, so you can get stuck into the gymnasium conflicts.

On the other hand, the fastest method to achieve this is by targeting particular regions which are a sure-shot to have loads of Pokemon indoors. Look to the animation that shows several blades of grass rustling – it’ll be without a doubt a chick-full of other duplicates and grass Pokémon that can be provided to Professor Willow in exchange of candy.


pokemon gym leaders 1st gen

How To Become a GYM LEADER & Battle Other Players:

Okay, you can not fight with other trainers in real time – but the closest enactment comes from Gyms.

Depending on how many real-world individuals have staked their claim at that particular place, the person with the greatest combined CP (Combat Power) will be the default option ‘Leader’ (who you’ll face last), with all others only being trainers you should get through in your way to the top.

Note, conflicts WILL NOT BE turn-established. Instead, you can pat on your own opponent to do as much damage as quick as possible and swipe right and left to dodge. The only ‘approach’ outside of evasion is keeping a watch on your special meter, but opportunities are the fight will be over before it is maxed out. After you win, depending on how many of the gym people you get through, the gym may be colored – plant your virtual flag, and then repeat the process until it is gray.

Once you do this, you are then free to function as the Leader of that gym, providing you are able to keep your CP.

It’s rumored on various forums (with no sources yet) that Niantic is adding turn-based, real-time battles later on, but for now, head out, amass your army and command as many gyms as you can find!


How To Do Special Moves In Conflict:

For your first few fights, battling in the Gyms will be hectic; getting trounced by higher-levelled competitors, not knowing when to dodge, servers dropping out and lag commanding – but do not worry.

Everything that occurs when your Pokémon is on screen, is building their special attack meter up. How many ‘sections’ of the meter you’ll have to accrue to activate a special differs from monster to monster, but you can see this on the Pokémon screen (seen above).

You just might manage to turn the tables on your opponent at the last second, thanks to any previous encounters prepping your special assault.


pokemon go

Recovering Your Data If Nothing Loads In:

This is a suggestion specifically for the first couple of months, as Nintendo’s servers do day-to-day battles with an entire global public of Poké-players vying to get – and stay – logged in.

I have personally had the game crash, and when I booted up back in, my character’s look was the same, but the PokéDex and all improvement were wiped.

Not good.

To remedy this, find a means to shut Pokémon GO entirely, rather than leave it active. That means diving into the App Manager of your phone. All information is presumed to be saved to Niantic’s servers continuously, so your improvement was not lost, but merely ‘unretrievable.’

Closing and reopening the app forces a fresh server connection (rather like turning a modem off and back on), which for me anyhow, restored all the lost data.

So, if this happens to you don’t get scared.

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