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Preston Mountain Man Net Worth: How Rich is Preston?

Preston Mountan Man Net Worth is one of the most googled terms on the web when it comes to the show, and so I decided to write this post about him.

To avoid the drum roll for those who are in a hurry, I’m going to go ahead and disclose his net worth is $2.5 Million, but for those who want to find out more about his career, life and income, then read below


preston mountain man net worth

Preston Roberts Bio and Info:

Born on the 17th day of July, 1957, Preston already passed away on the 24th of the same month but in the past year of 2017.

He worked on a lot of different places, but at the time of his death he was working at Turtle Island.

A family man who really loved his wife, he always counseled his friends that a man needs the proper woman behind him to push them to success.

He was married to Kathleen McGuire and lived in East Fork River.


Accolades & Career: Preston Mountain Man’s More Than That!

He was best known for his skills forging knives, but he was also a very proficcient hunter and fisher.

These sets of skills were what got Preston the role on the History Channel TV series. The knives he forged during the show were named “Woodsman Series”.


Preston Mountain Man Net Worth and Income:

Preston Roberts got his income from a lot of different sources.

·        From his acting career;

·        From his work on the Turtle Island Preserve;

·        …and the Miscellaneous sources you can expect from a man of his skills.

He died surrounded by his family, the way he would have wanted, and is still know to this day as a master knife maker.

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