Redd Foxx Net Worth: How Rich is He?

Redd Foxx’s Net Worth is of -3.5 million dollars. Yes, it’s in the red for the comedian / actor.
Redd was born in 1922, during the month of December, in St. Louis (Missouri).
His best role is argued to be the one he had on the Stanford and Son series, as he is well known for his explicit skits as well.


redd foxx net worth

Carreer and Income / Expenses:

He was at one time the 24th Best comedian on the Comedy Central’s top 10 list. He starred as Al Hughes (The Red Foxx Show), Fred Sanford (Sanford and Son), and Alfonso Royal (The Royal Family).
He also had roles in Harlem Nights, Norman…is that you?, Cotton Comes to Harlem and All the Fine Young Cannibals.
As far as awards go, he was nominated for 3x Emmy Awards.
When he passed away, his expenses were offsetting his income for a lot, so he passed on with over $3.5 million in debt, most of that debt to the government in the form of taxes.
He died from an heart attack, and so the number for Redd Foxx’s Net Worth value stayed at negative 3.5 mil.


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