Rick and Morty Update: Season 4 Coming Out Earlier!

Rick and Morty Update: Season 4 Coming Out Earlier!

There’s a lot of waiting to do in between Rick and Morty seasons as the cartoon really takes its time coming out, but there has been news that fans everywhere embraced with enthusiasm – the fact that Season 4 was not only confirmed but had its launch anticipated.

Not only does Rick and Morty take a lot of time between seasons, it is usually secretive in its updates, and this time it was no different, but we got to know that the contract issues that many speculated about were fixed.


How Many Episodes Are Coming From Rick and Morty?

Justin Roiland has also came forth to state that there are 70 episodes of Rick and Morty coming out, so we can expect about 7 more seasons, or so does Roiland lead us to believe in his original Instagram post you can check right here.

Instageeked also did a bit more digging and found out that Adult Swim is indeed going to included the 70 new episodes to its portfolio… but what about the Season 4 release date?


Rick and Morty Season 4 Launch Date:

Unfortunately, this is where things get a bit complicated as we haven’t been granted access, heard or even got close whatsoever to any date.

There were no official Rick & Morty updates on launch date either.

The show’s lead writer Ryan Ridley has stated in an interview that you could expect to wait a bit more, and he pointed out to the time it takes to animate the show as a cause of the long waiting times between seasons.

Ridley also lead us to believe the Season 4 will debut in… late 2019 unfortunately.

But some people have speculated about an episode coming out Christmas 2018 thanks to the fact Rick and Morty staff did a Santa’s beard joke on his social media (to us, those are rumors as we didn’t find anything to corroborate that).


Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode Details and Info:

Finally, do we know anything at all about the episodes from Rick and Morty Season 4?

Well, Harmon spoke to the media about Season 3 being set to have 14 episodes, but due to the staff’s perfectionism we all saw it was a 10 episodes only run.

This means that although there’s plenty of room to improve on that number for Season 4, this same perfectionism can come into play reducing the episode’s number yet again.

I think most fans would prefer 14 episodes, but on the other hand if the fans are like me… they prefer 10 good episodes as opposed to 14 mediocre ones – quality above quantity.

We’ll keep you guys posted on Rick and Morty related content and on any news for Season 4.











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