Rory John Gates Net Worth: How Rich is John Gates?

How big is Rory John Gates net worth?

Rory John Gates net worth isn’t a mystery.

If you’re reading this, you know who Bill Gates is – it’s impossible for someone with access to modern technology to ignore the name of this mogul. Having said that, Rory John Gates is a name that may be news to many.

Rory was born in 1999 and so he is pretty young, but he already has a huge net worth in great part thanks to being the son of who he is.

He has two sisters – Jennifer Katharine Gates (older) and Phoebe Adele Gates (younger).


Rory John Gates Info & Bio: More About Bill Gates Son!

Bill Gates already disclosed the amount he would give each kid – $10 million dollars.

This may seem a lot if you’re used to seeing net worth pages throughout the web, but comparing it to the money Gates (Bill) has in the bank, it’s just spare change.

Melinda and Bill justify this fact by stating they don’t want to spoil their kids, and this is reinforced by the limitations they impose on them – like only getting them a cell phone at the age of 13.

Rory is a blonde and people say he is a “chick magnet”, which is kind of expected to be honest.

There aren’t lots of pictures of him because he leads a very reserved lifestyle, and he isn’t too keen of the limelight.

He does horse riding and even participated in the Winter Equestrian Festival down in Florida. As far as the media knows, he is single, so another reason girls seem to flock to him.


Rory John Gates Net Worth: How Rich is He?

His net worth is self-dependant on his own life, as Bill says, and this is of course excluding the $10 million Bill Gates will give him.

Summing everything up, Rory John Gates’ net worth is of $20 million dollars, which is surprisingly low to someone who comes from such a wealthy family with a billionaire as a father.


So, that’s how much he is getting from his father.

Only time will tell if Bill will stay true to his promise, but based on his track record of strictness it is very probable that will happen.


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