A New Investment, Business and Savings App: Navigation Sucks, Content Changes Lives

A New Investment, Business and Savings App that is weak in form, but strong in content. Aggregating Business Opportunities

If you’re a business geek, then chances are you sometimes roll around on the app market looking for business apps, investment apps, productivity tools and the like.

I know this is one of my favorite hobbies and I’m really glad when I find another gem – we all know that information is key if you’re looking to succeed these days.

Well, there’s a new app on the block that sends you to all the right places, and though the navigation isn’t that great, the content in it can change lives, as it provides you some interesting tools, opportunities and investment pointers.

Let me tell you all about it.

The Bad Things: Navigation Sucks, Not Very User Friendly Either

Let’s start by the bad things.

The navigation is really bad so far. The menu is only intuitive if you open the menu tab, the main frame doesn’t show you the menu labelled but with images, and they’re pretty much the same.

Of course the menu is really intuitive when you open it, but I had to struggle a bit before I learned that.

Once you get in on one of the pages (Investments, Business, Savings, Earning, Learning), you get menu buttons that are intuitive and sleek, but too big to fit on the frame of most devices, so you end up having to scroll sideways to properly read them.

This is the bad thing about this app.

The Good Things: The Content Changes Lives

Now for the good things and the things that make me write this article in the first place. The content has the possibility of being life-changing.

The most lifechanging categories are earning and investing, but since I am not that great of an investor and I prefer to earn, I give some extra attention to the earning category.

You’re pointed out towards several paths you can take, allowing you to:

– Earn by writing;

– Earn by farming microgreens;

– Earn by teaching online;

– Earn by writing ebooks;

– Earn by making videos

…and a lot more.

On the other hand, there are a lot of business ideas for stay at home people and folk trying to make some money online which is great.

The savings tools I had a few of them already, but I found a new one that is also quite cool.

Finally, the earnings page really has a lot of possibilities laid out in front of you, from traditional investments like stocks and bonds, to more new age investments like Cryptocurrency and the likes.

investment, business and savings app

Updates Are Going to Be Done Regularly:

There’s an upcoming update that is going to address the navigation and so I can rest assured that it will get better.

The dev, whoever he may be, also claims the updates are going to be done regulary and the app will get even more tools and possibilities in the future which is cool.

If you want to check the Investment, Business and Savings app, then do so by clicking here.

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